Foldable bike helmet with safety lights

FEND SUPER Foldable Bike Helmet
FEND SUPER is a foldable helmet with ultra-bright safety lights. Images © FEND

In 2016 a car struck Christian Von Heifner who was riding his bike without a helmet. He survived the accident, but not wearing head protection nearly cost him his life. While in recovery, he started designing a helmet that people – including himself – would actually wear. That experience led to the creation of FEND, an American company designing a new kind of helmet that is stylish, convenient, and lifesaving.

SUPER foldable helmet

FEND’s team of engineers created the SUPER – a foldable bike helmet equipped with waterproof lights, ventilation, and durable protection. Traditional helmets are bulky and difficult to lug around, which could prevent people from wearing head protection; FEND designed its helmet to solve that problem.

The SUPER has a patented locking system that allows owners to fold in and lock the sides of the helmet to reduce its size by 50%. When the helmet is folded up, it can easily be stored in a small bag or a backpack, making it easy for people to take it wherever they go. No longer will a cumbersome helmet be an excuse not to wear head protection.

Front and rear lights

A helmet works great to protect people from head injuries, but an even better form of protection is not getting in an accident in the first place. The SUPER is equipped with front and rear lights that can be seen from up to 800 meters away, ensuring that motorists can see riders at night and avoid dangerous collisions.

FEND SUPER Bike Helmet Folds by 50 Percent
FEND SUPER folds down by 50% and features ultra-bright front and rear lights.

The lights have a battery life of 20 hours, and FEND SUPER owners can choose between three flash settings. If riders know they won’t be riding at night, the lights can be easily removed and used at a later time.

A bike helmet with lights could be the difference between life and death.

Safety technology

FEND designed the helmet to meet US CPSC and European EN1078 safety standards for bikes, scooters, and skateboards under 20 mph. The foldable bike helmet uses FEND’s patented safety technology that has been certified by SGS Labs, one of the world’s leading testing and inspecting centers.

FEND SUPER Foldable Bike Helmet Airflow
FEND SUPER includes 12 streamlined vents that help to keep your head cool, especially on those hot days.

Unlike other bike helmets that offer state-of-the-art safety features, the SUPER still maintains a subtly stylish appearance.

FEND SUPER Kickstarter success

FEND has used Kickstarter to fund the project and found great success. The company’s original goal was to raise $20,000; however, at this point, the company has raised around $289,000 thanks to more than 2,700 people who are backing the project.

As of now, the company plans to begin production of the foldable bike helmet with lights in October. The only way to pre-order one is through the FEND SUPER Kickstarter, where the company offers different discounts and packages. A SUPER with lights is available for $89 at the moment – the planned retail price after the campaign ends is $129. FEND has also vowed to donate 1% of its annual sales to non-profits working towards environmental solutions.

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