2-in-1 rollator and wheelchair takes the hassle out of getting around

Transform your Rollz Motion² rollator into a wheelchair and back — whenever it suits you.

Mobility is something many people take for granted. Getting from one place to another comes second nature when there are no limitations involved. Day-to-day movement whether from a car to a store, or from a living room to a kitchen offers new challenges for those who struggle with mobility.

Seniors often find they’re more reliant on help as their bodies age and the means to move easily becomes restricted. Thankfully, there’s an option that not only offers you convenience in a rollator, but also does double-duty as a transport chair. Getting around has never been easier.

The convenience of this portable, and easy to use rollator is that it allows you to change it quickly and easily, whether you’re ready for a walk in the park, or get tired walking through a museum and are ready to use it as a wheelchair.

Easy to Maneuver and Fold

At a weight of approximately 25 pounds, the Rollz Motion² is light enough to easily lift in and out of the car, making it transport friendly. Quickly open the unit, and adapt as needed, whether choosing the rollator or the wheelchair option.

When the Rollz Motion² is in the rollator mode, simply fold the back portion up, rotate the adjustable handles, and put the footrests down to transition it to wheelchair mode. It’s fast, easy, and hassle-free. The Rollz Motion² comes with a 5-year warranty on the frame, with 2 years on all other parts. It’s also been certified by TÜV as both a rollator and wheelchair.

Folding the rollator is a piece of cake with a simple latch. It takes mere seconds to have the Rollz Motion² folded and ready to be loaded into the car.

Two Models That Keep Size in Mind

Another thing worth noting is that the Rollz Motion² is available in two different sizes. This comes in handy if the rollator is for somebody of a smaller stature. The Rollz Motion² Small offers the same strong warranty but is slightly different in measurements. For example, the seat height is 5cm lower on the Small model. Also, the minimum height is slightly different. The Small version of the Rollz Motion² has a minimum height of 4’9” while the standard model’s minimum height is 5’3”.

Features for Comfort and Safety

With a comfortable seat cushion, safety braking on the handles, and stable support, the Rollz Motion² is a mobility device that’s had a lot of careful design and thought put into it. Solid, strong wheels make it easy to tackle curbs and doorways, along with simple steering. With features such as padded handles, and large back wheels, and the ability to add accessories means that the Rollz Motion² is a well-thought out, reliable mobility device that goes above and beyond what other rollators offer.

Finding a Rollz Motion² is simple. It’s available globally. Simply go here to find a distributor in your country of choice to place an order. For example, in the United States, Triumph Mobility gives you a list of dealers where you can find a Rollz Motion² and will get you started.

As for pricing, you’ll find this unit in the range of $1,150. With a strong design and warranty, multiple safety options, comfort, and convenient features, the Rollz Motion² is a smart choice when looking for portable, easy to use mobility options.

Lastly, the Rollz Motion² comes in four colors offering a varied choice. The Rollz Motion² Small is available in two colors.

To learn more, visit Rollz.com and see the difference.