X1 Explorer: Folding eBike with 37-mile range

The X1 Explorer is a featured-packed eBike that folds in a second.

The X1 Explorer is the ideal last-mile vehicle for people who crave convenient and traffic-free commutes. According to the manufacturers, the folding electric bike is the most portable EV in America. It promises unrivaled flexibility alongside unlimited usage possibilities. If you’ve been looking for a bike that’s easy to take along on the bus or train, and is secure while at work, the X1 Explorer is worth considering.

Design and features

X1 Explorer’s 44 pound-weight and foldability make it one of the more portable eBikes out there. A casual observer may easily dismiss this EV as too compact and small for regular commuting, but they’ll be making a huge mistake. Despite the Explorer’s compact nature, it promises ample power, performance, and stability.

The eBike sports an all-new 350w motor that delivers enough power to propel you to a top speed of 19 miles per hour. The efficient motor also allows you to navigate difficult terrains freely while maintaining gentle stability on smoother roads. At full charge, you can ride the Explorer for up to 37 miles. It takes about 4 hours to attain full charge.

Easily foldable

The X1 Explorer’s foldability is arguably its most intriguing feature. You can fold your already compact bike to reduce its footprint further. When folded, the eBike becomes easy to store under your desk at work, or in your apartment and car trunk. You can also take it along with you on a bus or train. It’s perfect for people who have to split their commutes when going to work. The manufacturers guarantee that folding your X1 Explorer is easy as pie, and it can be done in seconds, even without prior practice.

Ultra-strong and durable

According to the manufacturers, each explorer unit is ‘built by hand using the highest quality materials.’ From the aluminum frame to the sturdy tires, all the components are designed to perform optimally for many years with minimal wear or tear. The X1 Explorer comes with an optional 2-year warranty, and the manufacturers assure that there are customer support centers all over the United States to attend to the need of Explorers.

Wide range of accessories

If you want your Explorer to be more than just a commuting device, X1’s wide range of accessories has got you covered. From drink holder to phone holder to Bluetooth speakers to shelf racks and storage bags, these accessories promise to improve convenience and make your eBike more practical for everyday use.

Packed with safety features

The X1 Explorer comes with numerous features that facilitate the safety of the rider as well as other road users. Some of them include:

  • Air-filled tires and triple full body suspension that guarantee a smooth and comfortable ride while maintaining stability
  • Twin disk brakes that enhance your bike’s stopping agility
  • Adjustable seat height for maximum comfort
  • Bright LED light on the front and an equally bright LED brake light on the rear
  • Powerful and efficient motor

Pricing info

The X1 Explorer is currently priced at $1,195 and $1,295 for the 25- and 37-mile versions respectively. The quote is exclusive of shipping fees, and the company further states that the GPS tracker would be separately delivered to the buyer at a later date. You may visit the official X1 Bike website for more information or to place your order.