OzAutogate: Fully automatic powerless gates

OzAutogate is a non-electric gate that is powered by the weight of your vehicle.

Are you tired of getting out of your vehicle to open the gate? Or there is no power available or the solar gate you have installed does not work? Are you concerned about the effectiveness or safety of your livestock with a cattle guard? OzAutogate fully automatic powerless gates offer the perfect solution.

Design and features

Autogate works with the weight of your vehicle. When open, Autogate is clear of both passenger and vehicle. The hydraulics delay the gate closure by 15 seconds, giving plenty of time for trailers and floats to go through.

Stock and pet proof

Stock can’t get in or out unless you want them to. This is thanks to the cattle grid style ramps. Eliminating straying, and grid injured stock problems. You can however open the Autogate safely and with ease whilst on foot without the use of a vehicle.

Safety & security

Autogate is a must for entry’s on slopes as it eliminates accidents caused by runaway vehicles. When you go on holidays, lifting of the lever disengages the outside gate ramp, making the mechanism inoperable and able to be padlocked.

Portable & self supported

Autogate can be installed in a temporary position in minutes at no cost, making it the ideal gate for the harvest paddock, traffic or any temporary and seasonal activities.

Installed anywhere

Autogate is easily installed anywhere. The gate can be operated with left or right opening, allows for simple installation on all surfaces including gravel, bitumen or turf in city, town and country.

Types of automatic powerless gates

OzAutogate offers two types of automatic gates:

Farm automatic gates

The company mentions that the Farm Gate has been in use on Australian farms since 1993. These gates are designed to give easy access to rural properties with an emphasis on the ease of access to livestock paddocks. They are an excellent alternative to cattle grids and solar/electric gates.

OzAutogate claims that the Farm Gate requires low maintenance, ultimately providing you with long term savings in both time and money compared to traditional options. It’s available in 2 versions – 12’ (3.65m) and 14’ (4.25m).

Deluxe automatic gates

The Deluxe OzAutogate range are hand crafted with loops and spears to provide an elegant appearance to your driveway.  To ensure that the gate is unique to your property there is the option to select a powder coat color from a range of Colourbond colors. These gates have the ability to be custom made. The Deluxe automatic gate is also available in 2 sizes – 12’ (3.65m) and 14’ (4.25m).

Pricing for the gates is not listed on their website. However, you can fill up a form to get a quote. You can contact OzAutogate to discuss options for your property.