Ujet Electric Scooter: Stylish, connected and easy to use

Ujet is the swankiest foldable electric scooter we've ever seen.

If you need a unique and stylish way of going around the city, you shouldn’t look beyond the Ujet electric scooter. This lightweight yet robust machine is the ideal vehicle for escaping highway traffic and subway delays. It combines connectivity with ultra-durable materials found mostly in the aviation industry. Moreover, it guarantees a hitch-free ride with next to zero environmental impact.

Design and features

The manufacturers aimed to set new standards in scooter design, and it’s easy to agree that they’ve been able to do just that. Ujet sports a unique look that comes from a first-ever-mass-produced orbital wheel and asymmetrical frame, according to the manufacturers. The design is markedly European. The scooter can be folded into a large box with wheels, making it great for traveling and adventure.

Easy charge

Ujet’s battery pack is easily detachable, so you can charge your battery whenever you need to. Users can select from one of two battery sizes with an estimated range of over 100 km. The electric scooter can be charged from any standard socket. It takes 3 or 6 hours to attain full charge; depending on the battery size. Additionally, the battery comes with USB ports, enabling it to act as a power bank for your mobile devices. And there are integrated wireless speakers that promise to deliver your favorite tunes as loud as you want.

Easy drive

Ujet electric scooter is ultra-lightweight and couldn’t be any easier to drive. According to the manufacturers, the scooter’s robust frame and 49 kg weight make it the easiest to ride than any other scooter in the world. You can reach the top speed in a matter of seconds with the in-wheel 1.4 kW electric motor offering instant torque of up to 80 Nm. Thus, it may not be so fun to ride in the less smooth terrains. The scooter also boasts specially designed nano-augmented tires that guarantee increased rip and ensure you never lose traction.

Easy parking

Ease of parking is one of the main reasons why more people are opting for micro-mobility options. Like every other scooter, Ujet offers impressive parking convenience. You no longer have to park miles away from your destination or pay exorbitant parking fees when you move around with Ujet. Unlike most other electric scooters, Ujet goes one step further by being foldable. You can comfortably fold your scooter in seconds and store it safely and conveniently in your home, office, or car trunk.

The ultimate connected experience

Ujet comes with a 7” touchscreen with and a user-friendly interface. According to the manufacturers, the screen gives easy access to GPS navigation, telephony, music playback, and an integrated camera to capture your best riding moments. There is also a dedicated iOS or Android app that’s useful for unlocking your scooter, tracking its location, and sharing your location with family and friends.

Pricing info

Updated 5th Mar, 2021: The Ujet electric scooter has a retail price of €15,000 including VAT. You can inquire via the official Ujet website.