eFOLDi – Lightweight electric folding mobility scooter


We’ve had a fair share of folding electric bikes within the past decade or two. For various reasons, however, adoption has almost always been slower than anticipated. eFOLDi is an award-winning lightweight electric folding mobility scooter that hopes to change this narrative. The e-scooter, chair, suitcase 3-in-1 hopes to serve a niche of consumers- travelers that need a sustainable mobility device on the road.

Design and features

According to the manufacturers, eFOLDi is the world’s most compact and lightest folding electric scooter. The device can transform from a scooter to a wheeled suitcase or a chair in seconds. It combines the range and sturdiness of regular bikes with the lightweight design of modern urban transporters. The device resembles a suitcase and weighs less than 20kg, making it easy to put in a trunk or carry along on public transport.

Easy folding and unfolding

Folding or unfolding your eFOLDi takes less than 20 seconds. To unfold your scooter:

  • Release the handlebar and front wheel and bring them above the suitcase
  • Lock the handlebar into place and place your scooter flat on the ground
  • Release the backrest and pull upright

Once unfolded, the eFOLDi can be transformed into a chair so you can rest comfortably between your journey or at your final destination. Think about how much time you have to spend loitering around airports or waiting at the substation. eFOLDi’s chair feature guarantees comfort and stability at these stops, especially for people who do not like sitting in public lounges.

Air travel compatible

A common problem with many commuting devices is that their battery pack makes them unsuitable for air travel.  It would be a huge minus if a device that targets travelers cannot be carried on the airplane. Thankfully, the manufacturers offer eFOLDi with a special airplane-friendly battery pack option that ensures users can take it anywhere.

Lightweight and versatile

The folding mobility scooter weighs just 17kg, a figure that’s almost negligible when compared with similar devices. And unlike most comparable lightweight scooters, eFOLDi still boasts an impressive range. A single charge can take you as far as 14 miles, depending on your weight and the riding conditions. eFOLDi is versatile and portable enough to fit into car trunks, cruise trips, airplanes, and open spaces in trains and buses.

Fast enough to take you around

eFOLDi is designed for use as a type 2 or type 3 scooter in the UK. While different regions may have their regulations on mobility devices, eFOLDi has different speed modes that make it adaptable to most regions. As an electric vehicle, it boasts a top speed of 12.5mph and 8mph as an on-road mobility scooter.

Pricing info

eFOLDi costs between £2,199 and £2,399. Users have the option of choosing between the Standard (Far Reach) battery pack and the Air-safe battery pack when placing their order. You may visit the official eFOLDi website for more information or to place your order.