Smacircle S1: Compact, lightweight eBike folds to fit in your bag

Smacircle S1 foldable eBike has a crazy transformative design!

Micro mobility solutions have greatly expanded over the years as inventors continue to develop portable and compact commuting devices that guarantee a traffic-free ride. Smacircle S1 is one of the more exciting options out there, and if the buzz is anything to go by, it’s more than worth considering. According to the manufacturers, S1 is the world’s most compact and lightweight Ebike, and it can be folded to fit into a small backpack. It’s perfect for commutes that are too long for a walk and too short for a drive. Plus, it’s feature-rich with iOS and Android apps, making it ideal for the connected user.

Design and features

When unfolded, Smacircle S1 looks a lot like something from Tron. It sports a neat, compact, and almost robotic design that differentiates it from any Ebike you’ve ever seen. The tires are small and atypical, but the bike maintains a reasonable balance while riding. The manufacturers claim that S1 is strong enough to carry a weight of up to 220 lbs! The bike folds and unfolds in 5 simple steps, and almost everyone can ride it without a user’s manual.

Lightweight and portable

S1’s frame is built from carbon fiber, a material known for its strength and lightweight. The bike weighs only 19 lbs without the battery, and you can carry it effortlessly. It’s small enough to fit into most regular-sized backpacks. The battery pack doubles as the bike’s seat.

Advanced brushless DC motor

Smacircle S1 is powered by an advanced brushless DC motor that’s powerful enough to conquer up to 12 degree slope with a maximum load of 220 lbs. The manufacturers also claim that the 250 W motor makes a meal of uneven sidewalks and can supply enough power to ride on rainy days. The Ebike boasts a top speed of 13 mph. Admittedly, many commuters would wish for a faster ride. However, the speed cap is necessary so that Smacircle S1 can stay within the street-legal threshold.

Built-in Samsung Li-Ion battery

S1 comes with a quality Samsung Li-ion battery that guarantees a 12.43-mile range, depending on the rider’s weight and riding conditions. According to the manufacturers, the battery’s average charging time is about 3.5 hours. The battery works well between -4 °F to 122°F, and it has a charge cycle of 600 times. As mentioned earlier, S1’s battery also doubles as the seat. However, it’s specially designed to prevent overheating even while sitting on it.

Intuitive mobile app and security lock

Smacircle S1 has a dedicated mobile app that allows users to unlock or lock their Ebike. The app also has features for adjusting the light intensity, speed, and monitoring the battery life. When you lock your device via the mobile app, the accelerator becomes deactivated, and no one else can unlock or drive your S1 except you.

Damping Tires

The manufacturers claim that S1’s solid damping tires have an advanced wear resistance feature that protects them from punctures. Riders do not have to worry about inflating their tires, and they are guaranteed a smooth ride on all terrains.

Pricing info

Smacircle launched a successful crowdfunding campaign back in July 2017. The Ebike is currently priced at $1,399. It’s available for shipping worldwide. You may visit the official Smacircle website to place your order or find out more about the Smacircle S1.