Mojipic: Voice-controlled, wireless emoji display for your car window

With over 1,500 animated images to choose from, express yourself and get creative on the go.

People have always loved displaying their thoughts, beliefs, and even their sense of humor on the back windows, rear bumpers, and for some, wherever they can possibly find space on their car. Bumper stickers are fine, but they can damage your vehicle and tend to have a messy look to them. Mojipic gives you all of the same awesome benefits of a bumper sticker without the clutter.

What is Mojipic?

Mojipic is a one-of-a-kind techie gadget for your car that gives drivers the opportunity to show off their emotions, national pride, and their mood, in addition to their favorite teams, seasonal festivities, and personal interest! It is essentially a digital, voice-activated screen that lets you show off your personality. It is the world’s first smart emoji device.

Users can choose from over 1,500 emojis, gifs, teams, flags, and national and holiday symbols to display through their car windows. For those looking for an even further personal touch, you can add your own photos, images, drawings, and even QR codes to spread awareness for your social media pages.

Easy Installation

Mojipic can be easily installed on nearly any window within your vehicle. The device easily attaches to your windows through two suction cups and a mount. The mount is completely adjustable and allows you to tighten the base as needed.

Once the base is secured to your window, simply attach the screen. The only other thing users have to do to set up their Mojipic is to download the app.

The Mojipic App

Not only does the Mojipic app contain over 1,500 images, emojis, and gifs for you to use to exhibit whatever you would like to say, it gives users the ability to create their own images – both static and moving.

The app has a user-friendly voice control feature that lets you tell your Mojipic precisely what to display. This makes the device incredibly easy to use and totally safe for use while driving. This is possible through Siri and Google integration.

If you don’t see anything within the app that accurately displays what you would like to show off, then you can use the app’s paint app to create your own static or moving image. The app can also keep your passengers entertained with multiple pre-installed, 8-bit games.

Where can you get your Mojipic?

Originally a crowdfunded project, Mojipic can now be purchased directly on the company’s website. Usually available for $US121.95, it is currently on sale for just $US99.95. You can get an additional 10% off by using the coupon code: STARTUPS10. The company offers a money-back guarantee before shipment. The creators recommend using Mojipic for fun, rideshare drivers, taxis, businesses, and to keep your kids occupied both in the car and at home! Those looking for more than one Mojipic can usually purchase multiples at a discount.