Heatbox: Self-heating lunchbox for warm meals anytime, anywhere

Heatbox uses steam technology to heat food and maintain nutrients and flavour.

Everyone knows a healthy diet is key to staying healthy. However, cultural factors such as long work hours and stagnant wage growth make it impossible to enjoy fresh, home-cooked meals as much as we would love to. As a result, countless people all over the world rely on takeout meals which are both unhealthy and expensive.  

Heatbox is a self-heating lunchbox that enables you to enjoy warm and delicious food everywhere and every time. You can finally say goodbye to dry microwaved meals and start heating hot, fresh and delicious food from Heatbox. Moreover, Heatbox’s heating technology ensures the flavor and nutrients in your food are maintained.  

Enjoy healthy food multiple times a day 

Perhaps you have a truly erratic work schedule and you have to take more than one meal at work, Heatbox has still got you covered. The strong battery ensures you can heat up to three times in a single charge. It would also serve you if you need to heat up larger meals.  

100% leak-proof 

Heatbox features a patent-pending double-sealing mechanism that prevents any substance from leaking into your bag. Even if you’re always on the go, you never have to worry about the perfect placement for your Heatbox. Just drop it in your bag and you are good to go.  

A blend of functionality and aesthetics 

Heatbox’s design is unique and eye-catching but its all in a bid to make it easier to use. The unique shape and design make it easy to carry along while on the go. The box shape and compactness also make it easier to fit into your backpack. And you can trust the leak-proof sealing technology to ensure all Heatbox’s contents are kept within.  

How to use 

Heatbox’s heating technology relies on steam which serves the double purpose of heating your food and trapping in the goodness. To use Heatbox 

  • Pour 30 ml of water in the Heatbox. You only need to do it once and day and it’s all the preparation you need to get your device ready  
  • Pour your food into the food container, insert it into your Heatbox and close off with both lids  
  • Once you are ready to eat, simply turn the Heatbox on using the button on the device or with the app. Standard heating time is between 8 and 12 minutes, depending on the selected program.  

Let’s give you the independence you need 

If you’re among the lucky few with a microwave in their office, you’d admit enduring the long queue of equally hungry coworkers while you’re hungry is a tough task. With Heatbox, you do not need to wait for anyone before enjoying your fresh, delicious, and highly nutritious lunch.  

Pricing info 

Heatbox self-heating lunchbox is currently at the crowdfunding stage. The Kickstarter campaign has been hugely successful, generating about 170% of the target goal with 22 days to go. You can visit the official campaign page to check out the available pledges and rewards.