Control or monitor your gates from your smartphone

Remootio is a Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled smart remote controller for gates and garage doors.

Remootio is the first versatile end-to-end encrypted Bluetooth and Wifi enabled smart remote controller that makes your gate and garage door smart. This simple device gives you the power to control your gates and garage doors from anywhere in the world. Unlike most other products based on the Internet of Things, Remootio packs Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity into a single device. This eliminates the need for a separate bridge to make a Bluetooth product WiFi compatible or vice versa.

Remootio works with your smartphone to automatically open your gate. It also notifies you about any significant activity happening at your gate. The installation process is typically DIY, giving you all the freedom and security you need.

A secure and smart option

Remootio comes with a 256 bit authenticated end-to-end encryption that ensures your keys stay between your smartphone and your Remootio device. Your information is not stored in any cloud or with any third party, eliminating the possibility of hacking. As long as you do not share your keys with anyone, your gate is as secure as it could ever be.

Zero subscription cost

Once you purchase Remootio, you’re done paying for the device and the service rendered. There is no monthly subscription fees or any other hidden charge associated with using Remootio. This is owed largely to the absence of data storage servers.

Bluetooth connectivity

With Remootio, the unavailability of internet connectivity is no cause for alarm. You can still control your gate or garage door via Bluetooth connectivity if the internet service is down or unavailable at your gate.

Compatible with Alexa

Remootio’s compatibility with Alexa is just another one of its amazing features. You can instruct Alexa to open or close the gate for you. She may also check if you left the gate open before leaving home. According to the developers, you should choose the Remootio version with the sensor if you wish to use Alexa with Remootio.

Easy key sharing

With Remootio, your family, friends, and guests can easily open your gate even if you are miles away. All you need to do is share the key via QR code or text message. Even if the guest does not have the Remootio app, you can share the key via any other messaging platform of your choice.


Remootio feeds you with everything you need to know about what’s happening at your gate. You can receive notifications from the app in the following cases:

  • When a certain keyholder opens the gate
  • Someone rings the doorbell
  • The gate is left open for more than 5 minutes

One app, one smartphone, multiple devices

The Remootio app supports as many devices as you can add. All you have to do is swipe between the devices and you can control your gate, garage door, and the gate to your second apartment – all from the same phone.

Pricing info

Remootio is currently at the crowdfunding stage and the Indiegogo campaign has been quite successful. The current figures show that the project is about 276% backed with the campaign scheduled to end on the 8th of May. If you wish to purchase your own Remootio, you should visit the Indiegogo page to check out the available pledges and rewards.