Microhaus: Pre-built home of the future?

Microhaus hi-tech Micro Home
Microhaus is a self-sufficient tiny home that's delivered fully equipped & assembled. Images © Haus.me

For young people, getting on the property ladder is becoming an increasingly tough prospect, let alone finding things into which they can invest what money they do have. With so little affordable property that also represents a wise investment, Haus.me Inc has created an incredible and potentially lucrative solution – the Microhaus.

Even the world’s major media outlets like BBC news are asking if Microhaus might be the pre-built home of the future. These affordable, sustainable and compact living units can easily fit into existing lots of land, and can be fitted with no groundworks required, and typically not even a building permit being required. Better yet, the Microhaus can also be used as a property asset to help young investors start their climb up the ladder.

Sleek and attractive design

The first thing about the Microhaus that grabs your attention is its wonderful design. It features huge, panoramic windows, a sleek and modern shape, high-end finishes inside and complete with all the fixtures, fittings, and storage that you might need, including toilet, shower, double bed, wireless charging and more.

The even rectangular lines mean that installation of the Microhaus is easier than many other micro-home designs because the shape fits just about any space thanks to no protrusions or irregular shaping.

No-fuss installation

When it comes to some micro-home builds, there is the pesky task of groundworks needed, and before you even do that you’d likely need building permits. The team at Haus.me will do a pre-delivery analysis of your local area before delivering to confirm this, but the general picture is that there is no permit required to install a Microhaus.

What’s more, the whole thing can be installed within about 30 minutes by just connecting up the power and waste-pipe to the pre-installed connectors at the back of the unit – all contained within that one, seamless, stylish block.

An asset that pays for itself

The best thing about the Microhaus is how it can pay for itself by acting as rent-able holiday or temporary accommodation for others. If you start with just 1 or 2 Microhaus units on a lot that you already own, you can generate thousands of dollars of additional income each month, and potentially pay for each Microhaus unit in around 2-3 years.

Let’s say you rent it out as an AirBnB option for $150 a day – you might call it “glamping” or something like that. If you get occupancy just half the days of each month, you could potentially generate $2,000 or more each month and have the unit pay for itself in 30 months, and that even factors in maintenance costs.

Portable and sustainable

Need to move your Microhaus? Want to purchase additional units for a different location? It’s all easy thanks to each Microhaus fitting conveniently onto the back of a flatbed truck for simple transportation. Everything can be transported fully intact, ready to hook up to power, water and waste management when you arrive at the destination.

Microhaus Easy to Transport

Available in 3 models

The Microhaus is currently available in 3 models: Light, Pro and Premium. The Microhaus Light starts at $89,990, and the Microhaus Pro at $119,990. The Pro adds in air and water purification systems, advanced voice control, and natural stone and wood surfaces for the interior, among other things. The Microhaus Premium is a helicopter-deliverable unit for beaches, islands and mountains; priced at $199,900.

Updated on 15th May, 2023

Source: Microhaus