KABUTO Carry-on for frequent travelers

KABUTO carry-on: Removable back pocket for valuables | Silent wheels | Fingerprint lock | 50% expandable | Laptop charger | Lifetime warranty suitcase.

When you hear the word ‘smart suitcase’, you’re probably going to imagine a suitcase with a battery pack in it, and that’s just about it. However, the KABUTO Carry-on suitcase is truly smart in every sense of the word. Equipped with features such as a built-in fingerprint lock, magnetic charging connection, the suitcase is a fine blend of cutting-edge technology and breathtaking design. Whether you’re on a work or fun trip, the KABUTO is all you need to secure your luggage while remaining classy.

Design and features

When it comes to aesthetics, you’d be hard-pressed finding a suitcase that beats KABUTO’s sleek and classy design. The bag looks like the carry-on bag James Bond would take on his missions to save the British Empire. In addition, it has the specifications to match its excellent design. Here are some of KABUTO’s outstanding features:

Unique expansion system

KABUTO’s interior can expand vertically, employing a mechanism that’s similar to the sliding movement of a matchbox. When deployed, this expansion system expands the suitcase’s interior by up to 50%. This makes KABUTO a suitable companion for a 3-day work trip as well as a 10-day holiday. What’s more? There’s a dedicated compartment to store your footwear!

Magnetic charging connection

The suitcase features a novel magnetic charging connection between the back pocket and the suitcase. The technology is similar to having a Magsafe® on your carry-on! With the magnetic charging connection, your devices will come back to charge automatically when you lock the pocket back in.

Removable sleeve

KABUTO’s removable sleeve is perhaps its most impressive feature. The sleeve is firmly locked to the rear of the bag and it can house your phones, tablets, wallets, passport and other essentials. In the likely event that you need a messenger bag to accompany you to your meetings, simply pull on the sleeve and it’ll snap off the primary carry-on. This design concept can also help prevent delays during security checks because your electronic devices have already been separated from the main luggage.

10,000 mAh battery pack

Even if battery packs are a cliché for smart suitcases, KABUTO manufacturers understand that they could be lifesavers on long trips. KABUTO’s battery pack stores 10,000 mAh of power, enough to charge the average smartphone and tablet multiple times. Interestingly, KABUTO’s battery pack can also charge your laptop. Moreover, the magnetic charging connection technology holds your device firmly in place while charging.

Actual tires for ease of movement

In place of the budget plastic caster wheels that are normally found on conventional suitcases, KABUTO is equipped with tires that have ball-bearing hubs that make it possible to move your luggage silently. With these tires, you can move around the airport or hotel lounge without attracting angry stares.

Pricing info

KABUTO carry-on is currently at the crowdfunding stage. The hugely successful Indiegogo campaign has generated over $865,000 at the time of writing this review. You can visit the campaign page to check out available pledges and rewards.