SmartFlower: Portable flower-shaped solar panel system that tracks the sun

SmartFlower provides green, solar energy without the hassle of installing panels onto your roof.

Solar panels have been leading the way in the drive for clean energy. It is no surprise, therefore, that innovators and technology enthusiasts are constantly looking for more efficient ways of harnessing energy from the sun. However, it appears enough attention hasn’t been paid to the design and aesthetics of these panels.

The most common types of solar panels, polycrystalline or monocrystalline rooftop panels, come with several installation limitations. The SmartFlower is a unique line of solar systems that hopes to address these limitations while providing a more efficient and environmentally friendly means of generating electricity.

Design and Features

SmartFlower solar panel is a unique ground-mounted solar system that mimics the shape of a flower. Beyond the distinct design and ease of installation, the solar panel system boasts high-tech features that make it truly smart.

Smart tracking

The energy-capturing architecture of the SmartFlower consists of 12 petals that together form a modular fan. The petals open when the sun comes out and close at the end of the day. Furthermore, the petals can track the sun’s position and rotate vertically or horizontally in a bid to accurately align with the sun’s movement. According to the manufacturers, this feature makes the panel capable of providing 40% greater energy output than traditional panels. And it’ll achieve this while taking up much less space.

Smart cleaning

Rooftop solar panel installers generally recommend cleaning your unit at least once every six months. However, this comes with associated maintenance costs, and it could disrupt your schedule for the day. Thankfully, the SmartFlower solar panels are self-cleaning. The brushes added to the back of each petal clean the petal beneath, and this happens every time the panel folds up.

Smart installation

Another feature that makes SmartFlower better than the competition is that a single unit contains all the components of the system. Thus, the installation process is easy and time-saving. The manufacturers claim that complete installation takes about three hours or less. If you have to move to another property and you have to take your SmartFlower with you, you can easily disassemble the unit and install it on the new property. When you compare this with the stress that goes into installing a rooftop panel, you’ll be quick to side with the ‘smart‘ in SmartFlower.

Smart cooling and safety

The solar panel system has in-built rear ventilation that reduces its temperature by 18°F at all times. This prevents overheating and also ensures the system functions optimally because the efficiency of solar panels varies with changes in temperature.

SmartFlower folds up at sunset or during bad weather.

To further ensure safe operation, the system monitors the weather condition. When the weather condition is unfavorable, such as when the wind is too high, the panel folds itself. If the weather becomes worse, there is a secondary security position that guarantees additional safety. When the surrounding weather conditions become normal again, the solar system automatically resumes electricity production.

Pricing info

Updated 14th Jan, 2021: The SmartFlower solar panel system is available in three models: SmartFlower, SmartFlower +Plus, and SmartFlower EV. SmartFlower +Plus comes with a powerful and fully integrated battery while SmartFlower EV is specially designed for charging electric vehicles. You can visit the official SmartFlower website for more information on pricing and how to place your order.