Smartflower – Green, solar energy without the hassle of installing panels onto your roof

SmartFlower provides green, solar energy without the hassle of installing panels onto your roof.

Innovation and technology has come a long way. We have truly stepped into a new generation of modern amenities that not only make our lifestyles more lavish and comfortable, but more importantly, sustainable and eco-friendly. Increasingly, modern science has become concerned with the constantly running out energy resources. We need new, easier ways to utilize the most consistent and greatest source of energy, the Sun.

Smartflower allows us to utilize this resource to the best of our abilities, soaking in all its power and energy so we can charge up our worlds and step into the new age of energy consumption. In this article, we will help you understand all the revolutionary benefits of this incredibly impressive invention.

Smart Use

Smartflower operates with an all-in-one system that begins its operation within one hour. You are not required to perform any complicated assembling, except firmly bolting down the system to the ground or a concrete foundation. It will provide maximum performance and remarkable energy with very little maintenance needs. Its electricity service is extremely reliable, throughout the day and night.

Smart Tracking

The solar modular fan is designed with an astronomical control system. This allows it to rotate vertically and horizontally to track the position of the sun, even on a cloudy day, allowing accurate alignment with the sun at an exact 90-degree angle. Even though it does not take up much space, the company claims it is still capable of providing 40% more energy output than a conventional rooftop system, throughout all the seasons in a year.

Smart Cleaning

You need not worry about any cleaning issues. When the panels fold up, integrated brushes sweep away sediment and debris.

Smart Cooling

Smartflower features rear-ventilated modules, which makes sure that hot air never accumulates within the construction and causes a decrease in the output. As compared to a conventional rooftop system, it is capable of being 10-20 degree cooler and providing nearly 10% higher energy output.

Smart Safety

Smartflower folds up at sunset or during bad weather

The sensors continuously monitor the speed of the wind, and when the wind is too high, the Smartflower adopts a secure folded position to minimize damages. In case of a further increase in wind speed, it assumes a secondary security position, and when the wind speed reduces, the sensor detect it and the device folds out to resume its electricity production.

Smart Mobility

Its impressive mobility is what truly makes it a smart system, so that every time you move out you can carry your private solar plant along without having to worry about costly disassembling. It is simple and convenient.

Smart Options

Your private solar system no longer has to mess up your elaborate home decor for Smartflower can be bought in eight exciting color palettes that add more beauty to the glossy and appealing modern design and its finely-designed structure. You can shop several colors, including berry and pearl on their website  – [smartflower].


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  1. That’s all well and good but what’s the price i need cost of this……

    am from INDIA-Karnataka

    Please reply to my email

  2. What is the price and how much electricity it can produce and how much it can supply after wastage approximately??

    • Hi, please check out their website for details. The cost may vary depending on where you live.

        • Unfortunately, they don’t list a price on their website. I guess you will have to call them to know more. An interesting product nevertheless.

  3. There are no resellers listed for Canada. The closest is Boston, Mass., USA.
    Am interested in an reseller in Western Canada. Can you supply more info?

  4. I’m moving to Puerto Rico, do you have any distribution point in that Island, I would like to purchase one, what is the price?

  5. Would you need a reseller in Puerto Rico! Because, I’m retire I would have time to star this type of business in the Island.

  6. daha detay bilgiye,1 adet maliyet fiyatına ve türkiye de kurulumunun mümkün olduğuna ihtiyacım var.lütfen bilgilendirirmisiniz bizi.

  7. Hi, I’ll like to know more about Flower solar kit and like to be part fou for buisnes in Mexico.
    Thanks and best regards.

  8. Been on your wed- site. Nothing on the cost
    Would like to have a range on price before I talk to a dealer. Any possibility to get a ball park price so I know what I’m looking at. Thanks Ron

  9. The next level of smart flower , when the wind picks up it turns into a wind and solar energy unit. The flower will turn in the right direction for best wind result .I have been waiting for a two in one solar wind combo ,living at 7000feet in Big Bear Ca., when its not sunny it’s windy.So contact me when you want to test the first one , in extreme conditions.

  10. Did you notice that everyone was asking for the price and no one got an answer??? It must cost a million dollars.

  11. wonderful product however im not seeing anything on it capability on a rainy day or how its output would be affected

  12. Interested in distributing in the Uk. I work in schools – an ideal market opportunity.

  13. its a concept it dont exist yet like so many other concepts they post on that Startup site

  14. he 12-petal, 194 square-foot structure produces 4,000-6,200 kWh/year depending on location. That’s enough to power the average European home, or about 3/4 of a typical home in Massachusetts, which uses about 7,200 kWh hours annually, Gordon said, and independent sources confirm.

    In Vermont, the average household uses 6,780 kWh per year, the fourth lowest in the nation according to multiple sources. So, a smartflower yielding its maximum output would cover about 92 percent of an average Vermont home’s energy use.

    The smartflower costs $24,950, plus $1700 shipping and $10,000 installation (about $6,000). However, until the end of 2019, there is a 30% federal solar tax credit that allows you to deduct 30 percent of the cost of installing a solar energy system from your federal taxes. This brings the total cost down to around $25,600.

    from a FB page that shows the only figures at all for it

  15. That is awesome. We were thinking of getting some panels for our house, but, after seeing this flower pop up, I may very well change my mind.

  16. I can’t find anything about how it is connected to the house, epectrical system.. does it connect and run through the electric company meter?

  17. Are these available in the uk? I’ve filled in your form over a week ago and heard nothing.

  18. Just went through the “new” updated website. All pitch and no substance. Everybody above has the same question – what the heck is the price – or price range. If you are not willing to provide that then I have no reason to trust the product on any level, and I am an online retailer who has been in business for 40 years, brick and mortar AND online. People need to understand if this is even in their budget before they start filling out forms (yes, I got that far).

    • Hi Susan. Yes, they don’t list a cost on their website. So unfortunately we could not provide one in our article. But it’s an interesting product nevertheless.

  19. What are the dimensions? How much of my yard will it take up while the sun is out? Can it be manually closed if we are using the yard for a cook out?

  20. If you’re willing to provide a price range for a single-family home without insisting on us providing our personal information upfront and accepting a phone call, this is something I’d be very interested in budgeting for when I buy my first home. But I have a policy of not supporting companies that refuse to be upfront with their costs. I find it to be a symptom of sketchy business practices.

  21. Smartflower Installed Pricing & Total Costs
    Price: $35,000
    Cost After 30% Solar Investment Tax Credit: $24,500
    Available Local Incentives/Rebates: $0 to $10,000

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