Lit Motors C-1 Self-Balancing Motorcycle

C-1's patented gyroscopic stability system allows it to stay upright when stopped – even in a collision!

Powered with the powerful, patented gyroscopic stability system, the electronically-controlled C-1 operates using Control Moment Gyroscopes (CMGs), which produce thousands of ft-lbs of torque. The car controls these gyros, which allow it to make its way sleekly in and out of narrow turns and stay upright when faced with a collision. The C-1 is a revolutionary innovation in the industry, creating new standards of car interface and safety on a two-wheeled platform.

Let’s take a look at its features in more detail:

Aerodynamic Design

The dynamic C-1 is designed to provide the ultimate efficiency required for high-speed travel. Influenced by Scandinavian design, the exterior of the C-1 is both simple and approachable. This allows you the comfort of a compact ride and the thrill of high speed travel. Its expansive glass, subtle curves and softened volumes make it desirable and highly functional.

Freedom of a Motorcycle

You no longer have to endure those horrid traffic jams that last for hours. You can make your way through a narrow cross and escape the situation at once. Despite compromising your comfort, the C-1 allows you to cut through the crowds at the speed and luxury of a motorcycle.

Comfort of a Car

C-1’s exterior is both approachable and simple, enveloping you in subtle curves, softened volumes, and expansive glass

The fully-enclosed design of the C-1 allows you both luxury and protection of a modern car, minus all the extra space that forces you to stop at narrow cross-ways and get caught up in the nastiest of traffic jams. It is fully equipped with all the modern amenities that make it lavishly comfortable, for instance a premium sound system, lavish seating and climate control.

Car-like Intuitiveness

The car-like interface of the powerful C-1 allows incredible intuitiveness to the rider because the familiarity of structure makes it an easy and convenient ride, much like a conventional car. You will not have to face any weight shifting problems. If you find it easy to drive a car, you will absolutely adore driving the C-1.

1+1 Configuration

This is your ideal solo car that allows you to travel smartly and safely, exclusively designed to help you go about your daily chores and task, with room for one more passenger. In addition, for a compact car, the C-1 is impressively spacious.


This dynamic ride will feature smart phone and cloud connectivity, an innovation that is unparalleled in the industry.

In-Hub Motors

Powered by high-torque in-hub electric motors that save space, it provides a responsive driving experience. The C-1 regenerates energy while braking. It does so by using a KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery System), which stores up the energy kinetically in the gyro flywheels.

Safety of a Car

In addition to its very own gyro stability system, the C-1 has all the safety features of a conventional car, including multiple airbags, seat belts and a steel-reinforced chassis.

100% Electric

Powered by a small 10 kWh battery pack, the C-1 is a 100% electric ride that can travel up to 200 miles per charge. Make no mistake, this ride is ready to hit the freeway at the top speed of 100+mph, and an acceleration of 0-60 in six seconds. [Lit Motors]


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  1. When a Dodge Ram pickup hits you…. splat! It won’t self correct and put a million pieces back together magically. Science suggests obliteration.

  2. Hype, that’s why the car collision in their demo video is CGI and not real footage of an actual crash test, no inertial dampening system in a vehicle that small would be able to absorb that amount of energy that high on it’s center of gravity, this is consistent with Newton’s Three Laws of motion. That’s why you’ll notice if you look carefully, almost all the force applied in the shots (except for the guy weakly shouldering the vehicle like theater) is applied low to the ground where the system’s performance is optimal but doesn’t really represent real world situations. It will stop you from dropping the thing but it won’t help you in a collision at anything higher than parking lot speeds.

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