Hövding Airbag Helmet for Cyclists

Hövding is an airbag helmet for cyclists

Hövding looks like a truly remarkable invention that works at protecting us from head injuries sustained while cycling. In this article, we will take a detailed look at all its features.

Airbag System

Head injuries and concussions are one of the greatest reasons for brain damage, and many of these injuries occur during cycling or biking accidents. Hövding’s airbag system allows heightened protection as it inflates to create a fixated hood that covers up the neck. According to tests conducted at Stanford University in 2016, Hövding provides up to eight times better protection compared to traditional bicycle helmets.

Hövding airbag inflates to form a hood that fixates your neck

It is designed like a hood, meant to protect the entire head, using ultra-strong nylon fabric that arguably does not to rip apart even when scraped against the gravel or ground.

Sensors & Algorithms

The company says that after performing thousands of tests, collecting the specific movement patterns of cyclists in accidents, an algorithm was developed that can distinguish between normal cycling and the possibility of an accident. They mention on their website that:

When activated, Hövding records the cyclist’s movements 200 times a second. In the event of an accident, the cyclist’s abnormal movement is detected and the airbag inflates.


By using a button on the zip pull, you can easily activate Hövding, and once you hear a sound and see a light, it will indicate that the device has been activated. Be sure to completely close the zip in order to successfully activate it, and only activate it while cycling. The LEDs on the front of the collar will tell you whether the device has been activated or not, along with the battery levels. You can deactivate it at any given point during your cycling activity.


When you hear a sound and a light flicker, Hövding is trying to indicate a low-battery level. The battery can be easily charged through a USB charger using the cable included.

A fully charged battery can last for approximately 9 hours of active cycling. You can read the battery levels of the device from the LEDs at the front of the collar.

Collars & Covers

The collar has been designed with a waterproof, functional fabric, which further fortifies the protection offered by the strong built-in airbag system. You cannot wash the collar, but it is protected against wear and tear, sweat and dirt by the surrounding fabric shell. However, if you manage to get stains or marks on the collar, you can easily rub them off with a damp cloth.

The collar features an ergonomic design that allows even weight distribution across the shoulders, with a slightly heavier design from the back as compared to the front, in order to allow the cyclist to rest his/her weight on the back, which also facilitates in straightening the posture.

It also features a stylish enclosing cover, which allows you to easily change the appearance and style of your Hövding by picking out a different cover to match up your outfit, mood or personal taste. [Hövding]

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