Imperatorworks high-end reclining workstation chair for work or gaming

Imperatorworks' workstation chairs are the ultimate choice for gaming, work and home office!

Comfort, convenience, and an immersive experience can not only help boost productivity but can enhance your work or gaming environment. If you are in search of a luxury workstation that can seemingly do it all and look wicked while doing so, then you should consider the spectacularly designed products of Imperatorworks. Namely, the IW-SK Workstation Chair and the IW-R1 Zero Gravity Reclining Workstation Game Chair.

These are no simple lazy-boy style reclines with a keyboard. These chairs are futuristic machines with not only a look more akin to a sci-fi film but the function of a superhero of all chairs. If getting immersed in your screens is what you’re after, for business or pleasure, there has never been a better choice for workstations to invest in.

IW-SK Workstation Chair


This Scorpion shaped IW-SK Workstation chair is a peek into the future of high-end computer environments suitable for gaming and home/office purposes. Besides the fully comfort based setup, this chair promotes a quasi total immersion due to the positioning of the 1 to 3 monitors, audio system components, and other miscellaneous accessories.

This is more than a futuristic chair; it is a full computer office built into an ergonomically optimized work and gaming station. It has a minimal footprint and promotes health, comfort, performance, and productivity. Health benefits of sitting on the IW-SK include relief of lower back pain, sciatica, neck pain, and herniated discs, all in addition to enhanced viewing and performance effects.

The IW-SK is designed with a high-density Mold-Shaping foam, as well as premium quality PU leather. Aside from the comfortable texture, the chair is able to perform a 128-degree incline, as well as 160 degrees for a user’s flat position.

The chair comes with an adjustable and maneuverable keyboard tray with an adjustable 20cm range, as well as electronic control for the height of monitors, roof arm, and the Zero Gravity reclining to a flat position. You can adjust the monitors to be as close as 27” inches to 34” inches away for an optimal viewing experience. The monitors can be 49” or 43” ultra-wide dimensions in size, or you could configure 3 29” monitors side by side with a maximum weight capacity of 52.8 lbs. There are even cup holders on the armrests and small side cabinets under the armrests.

Soft lighting is provided by multiple LED lights in the upper section of the structure. These do not interfere or cast a glare on the monitor displays. The chair is shipped in a nearly fully assembled state and can be moved by two people. After receiving, the easy installation may take between just 2 to 3 hours.

This multi-functional chair will cost $1,999.00 when picked up in Shanghai, while the prices in the continental US and other parts of the globe start at $3,699.00.

The IW-R1 Zero Gravity Reclining Workstation Game Chair

This newly developed computer gaming chair technology is a high-end workstation with a lot of luxury features and electrically controlled functions. It is perfect for an immersive experience for a home office or a personal entertainment center.


The chair includes a configuration for either a single ultra-wide monitor (up to 49”) or three 32” monitors side by side.

The simple one-click open/close technology makes entering and exiting the workstation very simple. One click is also all it takes to toggle between a Sit and Zero Gravity positions, depending on whether you are looking to work or to use it for leisure. Even the keyboard adjustment is just a click away.

The chair is capable of reclining as far back as 140 degrees with a built-in footrest, all while keeping the monitor equidistant from your eyes as it fluidly moves along with the chair’s recline. You can move the monitors independently by adjusting the up/down arm.

Not only does the workstation feature non-invasive LED lights and reading light, but the seat is made from genuine leather that promotes an excellent, comfortable seating experience. If it resembles a massage chair, you might be glad to find out that it can act like that too.

It features a storage bin, a computer case, cult holders, and even a hand grip, which pile on to the feature-loaded, futuristic workstation.

The chair is set for a 8 week delivery time frame and starts at a $3,799 price point in the continental United States. Prices vary slightly based on regional distribution from there.

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