Brain-teasing wooden jigsaw puzzles by PuzzleUp

PuzzleUp wooden jigsaw puzzles aim to rekindle your love for puzzles.

Toddler, tween, teen, or adult, regardless of what group you or your child belong to, jigsaw puzzles are a great way to relax and have fun. If you are familiar with jigsaw puzzles, you will agree that they give you a sense of fulfillment and accomplishment when your puzzle comes together. Therefore, PuzzleUp have come up with their unique brain-teasing wooden jigsaw puzzles to rekindle your love for puzzles.

In addition to taking you off your screens, mobile phones, or TV, puzzles also impact mental and physical health. You would be surprised how puzzles can be of benefit to you and your kids.

Having problems remembering stuff? Jigsaw puzzles can help!

Studies have shown that Jigsaw puzzles help to reinforce the connection between brain cells. Thus, boosting your mental speed and memory retention capabilities — an excellent way of improving short-term memory!

Would you like some brain exercise?

Like you do physical exercises and workout at home or gym, your brain also needs some exercise to help you stay sharp and alert.

Doing jigsaw puzzles like those by PuzzleUp can be regarded as a mental workout that enhances problem-solving skills in both kids and adults. It also helps increase focus and attention span.

Looking for a fun way to meditate and relieve stress?

Doing jigsaw puzzles unplugs you from all the buzz and worries that are constantly tugging at your attention. When putting jigsaw pieces together, you need to focus on the image of what you want to create.

If you focus enough, you won’t have extraneous thought crossing your mind, which is in itself meditation.

Meditation doesn’t always mean sitting on a mat and humming sounds with beads in hand. Doing a jigsaw puzzle may also evaporate negative thoughts and fill you with tranquility.

In addition to all we have mentioned so far, PuzzleUp wooden jigsaw puzzles can also:

  • Improve visual-spatial reasoning
  • Help you connect with family and have fun together
  • Help you enjoy some quiet and alone time

PuzzleUp is not your regular jigsaw puzzle — every piece is incredible and stunning!

In addition to the thrills and sense of accomplishment from doing jigsaw puzzles, PuzzleUp also offers durable and standard pieces made from wood.

The wooden material is thoughtfully designed and crafted to deliver a stunning finish and the highest printing resolution. Thus, making every piece a masterpiece!

What is a jigsaw puzzle without a twist?

PuzzleUp has a search adventure embedded in the game. Yeah! A fun game inside in a puzzle. Quite impressive.

In addition to the spectacular irregular shapes, each puzzle series also has hidden objects in them for extra fun and adventure.

This innovation makes PuzzleUp more engaging. Speaking of engaging, did you know that spending at least 25 minutes a day on solving puzzles can raise your IQ by 4 points? Now you do!

PuzzleUp offers distinct colors and designs for perplexing twists and more thrills

But that’s not all! PuzzleUp wooden jigsaw puzzles also come with an “AR feature” that treats you to an entertaining end when you complete each puzzle.

Oops! Let’s not let the cat out of the bag. You will find out more about this cool feature when you receive your backer reward.

Why not Pledge your support for this project, and treat yourself to a surprise?

Why Choose PuzzleUp Jigsaw Puzzles?

PuzzleUp wooden jigsaw puzzles are durable — for lasting moments of fun.

In addition to its high-resolution finish, PuzzleUp jigsaw pieces are waterproof. Unlike its paper counterparts that get frayed with distorted images when water spills on them, you have nothing to worry about.

Show off your masterpiece!

PuzzleUp comes with sticky tape for the back of the puzzles that allow you to put up your completed piece on the wall. Like a medal pinned to your chest, it’s a great way to have your gallery display at home.

PuzzleUp can also be your home decor!

With a variety of themed designs, including space, nature, popular attractions, and arts, you can never run out of ideas with PuzzleUp jigsaw puzzles.

Availability and Pricing

Take advantage of the early bird offer for all sizes and variants of PuzzleUp wooden jigsaw puzzles: Easy (167 pieces), Medium (388 pieces), and Hard (455 pieces).

You can get one jigsaw puzzle at 30% off retail price. A set of 3 at 40% off and 50% off for a set of 7. You can also get a colorful box for your pieces at $10, sticky tape for $5, and a stand for your completed piece for $7.

List of available pledges and rewards for PuzzleUp.

PuzzleUp crowdfunding campaign has been highly successful, receiving more than 21 times its funding goal so far, with backers pledging from all over the world. You can make your pledge on their Kickstarter page, where you will find more information about shipping prices, shipping time, production, and delivery.