Selpic Star A 3D Printer will hit Kickstarter soon at only $99

Selpic Star A is the most cost-effective 3D printer we've seen.

Selpic Inc, a leading company focusing on digital printing solutions, has been developing innovative printing technologies since its foundation. Following the debut of Selpic P1, Selpic is going to launch the world’s most cost-effective 3D printer Star A on Kickstarter soon.

Star A is an ultra-compact and lightweight open source 3D printer which is also easy to operate and set up. Most importantly, it supports extended functions, providing more possibilities of 3D printing.


Weighing 4.4 lbs and measuring 10.2 x 9.4 x 9.8 inches, Star A is 3 times lighter than ordinary printers. With its compact body, Star A saves space and you can move it easily. Also, Star A is easy to assemble and set up. You can finish its assembly within 4 steps. What you need to do is just turning screws, connecting 2 cables and setting filaments ready. Besides, 4 intuitive operating buttons can help with an easy reset, printing, filament feed and release.

With the X-axis and Y-axis accuracy of 100 μm and the Z-axis accuracy of 50 μm, Star A’s printing resolution is ±0.1 mm and its layer thickness can achieve 0.1~0.2 mm. Adopting low-noise motor, Star A keeps its working noise below 60 dB, which greatly improves the users’ experience. Besides, Star A has resume-printing function. In the case of unexpected power outage or filament exhaustion, this function helps save filaments and improves printing efficiency.

It is worth mentioning that Star A is an open-source 3D printer. You can adjust the product parameters by modifying its code. Selpic also offers add-ons. By upgrading Star A’s parts, you can get the higher hotbed temperature, up to 100 ℃, and 2.4 inch full-color and highly-sensitive touch screen. And with the laser head installed, you may do laser engraving on leather, cardboard, wood, etc.

Besides what are mentioned above, Star A has more surprises for you to explore. Should you be interested, Star A will meet you guys on Kiskstarter at only $99 pretty soon. Sign up now to enjoy the super early bird discount (50% off the $199 MSRP) for the first 100 backers only. Learn more details on the Product page.

About Selpic:

Selpic, based in California, is specialized in smart printing products and solutions. It is dedicated to offering high-quality portable printing devices for various mobile information application system as well as providing best mobile printing solutions for users around the world.

SOURCE: Selpic