NextMaker Box: Fun kit for at-home kids to learn coding and STEAM

NextMaker Box combines the best of online coding courses and hands-on STEAM kit for at-home kids.

You’ve probably heard about coding for kids and wondering why it’s causing so much buzz. Computer programming is an essential skill for kids to have because it’s the skill for the future.

With so many career prospects and high demand for computer programmers across all industries, there is no better time to get your kids prepared for the juicy opportunities that await.

How do you get started? NextMaker Box

NextMaker Box is an innovative and thoughtfully designed learning kit that helps kids get started on coding. It motivates them to engage in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM). It offers self-paced online coding courses and hands-on fun educational STEAM kits to help kids experience the thrill of programming, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and robotics. Yeah, kids can create their robots and simple machines.

Isn’t coding too hard for kids?

Contrary to popular misconceptions, encouraging kids to pick up coding at an early age doesn’t hinder or set them back in their academics. You would agree that kids are curious to learn and experiment with new things.

Youngsters are always eager to explore and understand how things work. Instead of letting them exhaust energy on juggling different activities, wouldn’t it be better to guide and point them in the way of learning how to code?

Teaching kids how to code gives them an advantage over their peers in the future when coding skills will be high in demand. Also, engaging kids in coding at an early age gives them a head start and an opportunity to develop their coding skills as they grow.

Benefits of NextMaker Box for kids

In addition to arousing kids’ interest in STEAM, using the NextMaker kit alongside the online coding courses gives kids practical knowledge of coding.

But that’s not all!

Kids also get to learn other captivating aspects of computer applications like Machine Learning, Data Science, the Internet of Things, Human-computer Interaction, and of course, block-based programming.

Block-based coding is a type of computer programming that allows children to learn coding by starting easy and gradually ascend the ladder until they become masters.

Instead of writing code from scratch (as in text-based coding), block-based coding allows kids to “drag and drop” prewritten codes into their scripts. They get to see the output in real-time. What this does is to make coding fun and engaging — it takes away the “boredom.”

Since coding requires writing, spelling, and knowledge of shapes and numbers, it’s a great way to spark kids’ interest in learning STEAM subjects. They will be engaging in school work without realizing it.

Nextmaker Box isn’t just a box; it’s a pack of fun learning tools

You will agree that learning isn’t complete without practical, and that’s where NextMaker Box comes in. While kids familiarize themselves with theoretical knowledge of coding via the interactive online learning portal, they also have the hardware/components to build fascinating projects.

With Nextmaker Box, kids’ creativity is only limited by their imagination

Kids can build their robots, control them with code, and develop apps (with Python). They can venture into machine learning and artificial intelligence as they become more confident in their skills.

The NextMaker Box contains everything kids need to learn coding in a fun way. It contains hardware such as electronic modules, controllers, mechanical parts, sensors, and motors.

The kit also contains software and a CSTA standard-aligned coding course to ensure step-by-step and self-paced learning. Then there are colorful paints and stickers to customize their creations.

Intuitive software and self-driven learning made easy

The NextMaker Box’s intelligent e-Learning portal guides kids on their projects. It helps them conquer coding challenges without breaking a sweat. The online coding course consists of the following modules:

Build Projects — This module provides instructions on how to assemble NextMaker Box projects.

Learn to Code — This module features animated content and CSTA standard aligned courses designed to teach basic coding concepts.

Engaging Cartoons — provides visual elaborations and fun but educational cartoons to help kids master advanced STEAM concepts without stress.

Coding Activities — this module helps kids code via the block-based coding platform, mblock.

The module has a feedback system that checks the code for errors and provides tips to make the learning experience intuitive and highly interactive.

Invest in NextMaker Box and help your kids learn coding in a fun way

NextMaker Box is the brainchild of MakeBlock Co., Ltd, an award-winning STEAM innovator with an applauded reputation for creating core electronic components and an online learning environment.

MakeBlock has also gained mentions in reputable global design and innovation communities, and top press outlets like Forbes and Reuters. Therefore, you can make your pledge and back this project with confidence.

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Visit the NextMaker Box crowdfunding campaign page to learn more about the delivery of backer rewards, shipping costs, and other features of this marvel product.