purME Air: Self-cleaning mask with twin turbines for easier and safer breathing

purME Air is a powered mask with twin turbines that aims to make breathing safer and easier.

It is no surprise that the purME Air face mask is coming at a time when nearly everyone in the world is looking for a face mask that combines form and function. Currently, on Indiegogo, the purME Air claims to have created the world’s most breathable face mask. Continue reading to learn more about the features offered with purMe’s newest mask.

The three levels of protection

The purMe Air offers users three different levels of protection. This is to choose the proper protection you need regarding your environment and particular safety precautions that you will be taking. Users can choose from the basic protection FFP1 filter, the higher protection KN95 filter, or the maximum protection P100 filter.

The FFP1 is best suited for users who spend a lot of time exercising or traveling to areas that may see a significant amount of crowding. With slightly less filtration than the KN95, this basic level of protection stops allergens and microorganisms from moving past the filter.

The KN95, or higher protection level, is a better fit for users who are in crowded or urban areas on a daily basis. It is said to offer better protection than standard disposable masks and helps to keep 95% of non-oil-based particles from moving into the mask.

The maximum level of protection, or the P100, is strong enough to protect industrial workers and DIY project builders from dust and other particles. It offers the maximum amount of respiratory protection in relation to the other models and claims to filter 99.9% of airborne particles.

An easier and safer mask

The purME Air is a powered mask that features a patent-pending constant pressure technology. This works to promote safe and effortless breathing by keeping the pressure inside the mask constant. The manufacturer claims that purMe’s mask works better than others because it does not pull more air than is needed into the mask. When this occurs, unfiltered air can leak into the mask and make it more difficult to breathe. The ease of breathing in the purMe mask is attributed to the balance created by the twin turbines located at each side of the mask.

purME Air is self-cleaning

Users do not have to wash this mask as they would a cloth mask. The purME Air has a built-in UV-C LED light that sanitizes the mask whenever a user is not actively wearing it. By turning it on after use, the mask is clear of all microorganisms and odors within five minutes. Because UV-C LED light can be harmful to your skin, the purME Air has an additional safety mechanism that prevents your skin and eyes from UV exposure.


Where to find the purME Air mask

Currently, the purME Air mask is available for purchase on Indiegogo, on which the manufacturer is hosting an active fundraising campaign. Those looking to purchase their own can buy one mask with a charging cable, over-head straps, and six HEPA filters for $69. Sets of multiples are offered at a higher discount.