EAV 2Cubed: Electric cargo vehicle for last mile delivery

EAV 2Cubed bridges the gap between the traditional cargo bike and the van.

Finding efficient and environmentally friendly transportation options for your business can be taxing. Many businesses have recently been looking into the EAV Transport Solutions new eCargo vehicle. In an increasingly environmentally conscious world, they offer simple eCargo vehicle solutions that are both reliable and sustainable. The company explains that most of their vehicles are vans that have been scaled down to fit into cycling lanes and run on affordable, clean energy. The company’s best selling eCargo vehicle, the EAV 2Cubed, can be customized and constructed to fit any needed specifications.

EAV 2Cubed

The EAV 2Cubed is marketed towards businesses looking to find a vehicle to make last mile deliveries. It is a mixture of a traditional cargo bike and a van. The vehicle is powered by a battery and is propelled forward through a set of pedals, similar to a bicycle. With one seat, a delivery person can safely deliver any product without worrying about busy traffic lanes as it is small enough to fit into cycling lanes. Goods can be kept in the back container of the vehicle, keeping products safe from the elements.

Design & Specifications


This eCargo vehicle can be fit with three different remotely opening door options. These options include the single door, double barn door, or the roller shutter. Two shelves are available for the back cargo area. These shelves can be adjusted as needed or simply removed altogether. Lights are located along the side and rear of the vehicle, just as there would be in any automobile, keeping the driver and vehicle illuminated in the dark. These lights indicate when the driver breaks and when they are turning right or left. Each eCargo vehicle also includes a spare tire.


Pricing for the EAV 2Cubed and any other eCargo vehicle is different depending on what exactly you need from the vehicle. Prospective customers can request to speak with a representative to discuss how the EAV 2Cubed can be tailored for their requirements and receive a “general” quote. Various payment plans and financing packages are available for purchasers as well. EAV Transport Solutions also offer a complete package – the Fleet 100 Package. This includes the vehicle, an insurance plan, and clothing options for large scale companies. For specific pricing, however, a buyer will need to contact the company.


With its ease of use and clean energy consumption, the EAV 2Cubed is a worthwhile option for any business looking to purchase green transportation for delivery. The design of these eCargo vehicles emphasizes efficiency and safety while transporting deliveries to consumers, such as various personnel safety features and a cargo space for the safety of goods. The company also offers various models with differing features, such as the temperature controlled EAV Cool or the HG-EAV with it’s increased carrying capacity. There’s something for everyone. Each can be customized to suit any business’s needs.

Source: EAV 2Cubed