Nobe 100: Cool retro-styled three-wheeled electric car

The sporty Nobe 100 is an adorably practical three-wheeled electric vehicle. Images © Nobe Cars

Coming out of Estonia and ready for production in the US in 2021 is possibly one of the coolest all-terrain 3-wheeler electric vehicles that you’ll ever see. We’re talking of course about the Nobe 100. This unique, stylish, retro-look car currently comes in 2 models, namely the Nobe 100GT and the Nobe 100GT Signature Series. It may look like a retro 1960s-style sedan in its styling, but this is a cutting-edge offering for a new electrified age.

All-electric powertrain

The Nobe 100 is, first and foremost, part of the electric vehicle revolution. Both of the current models are powered by a 25kWh battery outputting a maximum power rating of 72kW and a top speed of 80mph. The total electric range of the Nobe 100 is 160 miles. The electric powertrain is part of what helps deliver the torque and capability of this vehicle as not just an on-road vehicle but an off-road one, too.

Ready for all terrain

It may look cute with its retro styling and unique 3-wheel layout, but the Nobe 100 is also ready for anything thanks to its AWD drivetrain and enlarged wheels. It has been tested in the wintry conditions of Estonia and has proven itself a vehicle that is ready to meet any terrain challenge.

An urban companion too

The Nobe 100 can prove itself on rougher ground, it’s true, but it also feels quite at home in the city environment. Its compact size and frame make it easy to park, and you can style it to your particular environment by opting for a coupe build or a convertible. The 100GT and Signature Series both ride on adjustable air suspension for an ultra-smooth, bump-free and quiet ride. Both models also come with air conditioning, and the Signature Series even comes with a stunning in-door umbrella that is reminiscent of the Rolls-Royce kind of attention to detail.

Comfort and style

The interior of the vehicle continues the retro styling with analog speedometer and other instrument displays and a simple no-fuss dashboard. There’s ample storage in the rear of the vehicle, but also some really nice additions like the fold-back seats that allow you to look up through the standard removable Targa roof and stargaze to your heart’s content. It adds a rather romantic aspect to this EV.

100GT Signature Series: Limited Edition

The Nobe 100GT is the main production model and comes with all features described above as standard. The 100GT Signature Edition, however, is limited to 100 models only and comes with some fantastic additions such as the in-door umbrella that we mentioned, as well as: special Premium Service Package, a BSM sound system and a special series number engraved on a Limited Edition plate.

Available for reservation now

Both the Nobe 100GT and the 100GT Signature Series are available for reservation. Both come in red, blue and black exteriors with beige, blue and red interiors respectively. The 100GT has a refundable $US2,000 reservation fee, and the Signature Series a $US4,000 fee, also refundable. Remember the Signature Series is limited to 100 models only, so don’t miss out.

Source: Nobe

Watch Nobe 100 in action in the following video.