Bull-e: Limited edition urban electric scooter with cafe racer stance

Bull-e electric scooter is crafted with a fiberglass body expressed with clean lines and a folding surface.

Drama, design, and only 250 units made are some of the more defining features of the Bull-e urban electric scooter. Nikos Manafis Design, the scooter’s manufacturer, aptly calls this vehicle an Urban Commuter Companion, designed with an electrifying retro-futurism. This new take on how to get from point A to point B in an urban setting packs a bit more style and a whole lot of drama.

The e-scooter from Athens

Bull-e was created by the Athens-based designer Nikos Manafis. Starting with a bit of inspiration from café scooters, the goal was to create something more eye-catching. The bull-e provides a lean-forward riding stance, mirroring motorcycle design – what some might consider cooler than the typical urban scooter. In addition to adding to the design of the scooter, the lean-forward stance decreases the air drag while riding, which helps to increase the range of each charge.

Bull-e’s design

This electric scooter is made up of fiberglass and includes grip to the rider’s knees along with a decent amount of storage which urbanites may find essential for their commutes. In the expandable storage compartment, riders will find both a toolbox and a glove box. Beyond the versatile storage compartment, bull-e comes fitted with integrated and retractable cup holders – a good solution for those morning coffee runs. To satisfy the needs of urban riders, the design of this scooter seems to be both practical while still maintaining a necessary level of utility.

Bull-e’s specs

The bull-e scooter website boasts a number of specs that some may find very impressive. It puts out 2000W of power. At a top speed, the bull-e reaches about 28 mph (45 kph). With the air drag reduction afforded by the design, this electric scooter provides a range of about 31 miles (50 km) per charge.

The scooter focuses primarily on low speed and short distance transportation for cities and urban towns. The clean lines and folding surface of the bike deliver a sleek and functional design. The two-wheeled, rolling chassis design is nothing new, but bull-e manages to create something truly unique from it.

Where to buy

Currently, the bull-e is only available for preorder. Pricing starts at 4,500€ — roughly $US5,400. It’s a limited edition electric scooter, and the designer is going to manufacture only 250 scooters. Each will have its own numbered plate to provide authenticity.