Silence S01: 62 mph electric scooter with 5 kWh removable battery

The Silence S01 has a top speed of 62 mph and a range of 80 miles. Images © Silence Urban Ecomobility

Barcelona-based electric scooter producer, Silence, has been doing some really impressive things for urban mobility the past few years. The flagship personal-use model in their lineup is the Silence S01. It turns out this is probably one of the most innovative and unique scooters anywhere on the market today.

Powerful removable battery

The Silence S01 features a uniquely powerful and creatively designed battery. Its 5.6kWh capacity is a big part of what gives the S01 its impressive range (more below), but it does also make it quite a lot larger and heavier than a typical scooter battery pack. Silence prepared for this by making their battery truly portable and mobile.

As the S01 battery pops out of its slot, a nifty set of wheels emerge and unfold onto the ground. On top of that, there’s a handy extendable grab handle that you pull up like luggage and then simply roll the battery where you need. You can roll it right into your apartment or house. When putting it back, no lifting is required either as the wheels place it exactly on the right level to simply slot back into place.

What’s more, since the battery is removable, you can use it as an external power pack. If you’re out camping, for instance, you can use the S01 battery as a power supply for other devices via a special connector at the rear of the pack.

Silence S01 has a removable battery with wheels.

Great speeds and range

The S01 can get up to speeds of 100km/h (62mph) when in Sport Mode. Its other two drive modes include City, in which it can reach 85km/h (53mph) and Eco, in which it can reach 70km/h (43mph). The choice of drive modes allows riders the flexibility to prioritize economy or performance.

The powerful high-capacity battery gives the S01 seriously competitive range. It can travel up to 127km (approx. 80 miles) on a single charge. The exact range obviously depends on riding style, speed, load weight and other factors.

Smart and connected

Another innovative feature about the Silence S01 is that it is completely connected and synchronized to your smartphone via its own in-house app. Through the app, you can monitor your S01 battery charge level, if the battery is currently charging, the scooter’s current location, route history, power consumption and more. The scooter and its battery have SIM-connected GPS locators so you can easily keep track.

The app also allows you to pre-plan your routes in your smartphone before setting off. Enter your destination and you can plan and upload the route in advance to the scooter.

B2B option – The Silence S02

Silence is not only in the business of creating chic and innovative electric scooters for private use. They have also developed the S02, which is a professional-grade model in two main variants, the LS (low speed) and HS (high speed). The LS further divides into Delivery models with larger rear cargo compartments. These are meant for sale to businesses such as couriers, food delivery and other sectors that need effective, reliable electric mobility solutions. The brand is also currently working on an S03 model with three wheels.

Built for urban needs

The S01’s under seat storage is big enough for two helmets.

The S01 is built with city dwellers in mind. It comes with an easy-to-read digital odometer and information display, the portable battery that you can easily take up to your apartment, generous under-seat storage with enough capacity for your helmet, backpack, grocery bags and whatever else you have. It has an air of urban chic with its angular lines, vivid colors and bright demeanor.

Below are the current prices on available S01 and S02 models:

  • S01: €6,600 (about $US8,015)
  • S02 HS: €5,300 (about $US6,430)
  • S02 LS: €3,200 (about $US3,900)
  • S02 LS Delivery: €3,200 (about $US3,900)
  • S02 Delivery: €4,699 (about $US5,700)

Source: Silence Urban Ecomobility