reTyre: Modular tire system with integrated zip-on technology

reTyre modular tire system lets you zip & ride, anytime, anywhere. Images © reTyre

If you’re a keen cyclist, you encounter different ground under your wheels almost every day. If you’re planning an outdoorsy vacation, then you’ll have to plan for different bike tires to take with you and that adds a lot of extra luggage, not to mention a lot of extra hassle. Cycling experts at reTyre have come up with a solution: the reTyre Modular Tire System.

What is a “modular” tire? How does it work?

The concept of the “modular” tire is a specially designed covering for a default set of bike tires that alters the tread and style of the tire without having to actually change the tire altogether. Under normal circumstances, if you want to switch between different tire styles, then you have to remove the entire tire and replace it with a new one. That takes time and energy.

The modular system doesn’t require more than a minute. Simply take the “skin” from its storage bag, line it up on the tire and then zip it up. Yes, this is a tire covering that zips right over your single base tire, which we call the reTyre One.

Different skins for different terrains

There are four main skins that you can keep in your carry case which fits neatly into your own backpack. They are as follows:

  • Winter Traveler – Designed especially for wintry urban riding where ice and asphalt meet in a perfect unison of tricky riding. These offer traction and balance.
  • Gravel Chaser – When riding on medium-rough natural terrain, these are exactly the right tread to ensure optimal performance and a smoother, easier ride.
  • Trail Rider – These are for the mountain and forest trails where nothing on the ground is certain, one moment being slippery or muddy and the next fraught with rocks, branches and more.
  • Ice Racer – This skin suits those locations with the wildest, harshest and longest winters with seemingly endless snow and ice. This is the true winter country skin.

Light, compact and portable

Unlike having to carry entire bike tires around in the trunk of your car or van, reTyre modular tire skins can all fit into a handy travel bag that stows away nicely in your backpack, trunk or wherever else you want to put it. When you encounter new terrain, all you need do is stop, choose a new skin, zip it up over reTyre One, and then roll out.

Patented world-first innovation

The idea seems so simple and yet so brilliant at the same time. It’s a world-first patented technology that is already taking the market by storm with 8,000 first-generation reTyre skins sold to happy customers already.

reTyre helps you be ready for anything, anytime

To apply this amazing system to your own bike, it just takes a few simple steps.

Step 1: Purchase the reTyre One base tire, which is priced at €39 (about $US41).

Step 2: Add reTyre skins. Prices for each type are as follows:

  • Winter Traveler: €69 (about $US72)
  • Gravel Chaser: €49 (about $US51)
  • Nordic Commuter: €79 (about $US83)
  • Ice Racer: €89 (about $US93)
  • Trail Rider: €45 (about $US47)

Once installed, you’ll surely wonder what you ever did without this innovative and adaptive system. Get perfect grip in seconds with the reTyre modular tire skin system.

Source: reTyre