PooPail: The 2-in-1 solution for cleaning dog poop

PooPail lets you keep your hands, yard, and pooch clean.

Dog owners everywhere can empathize with the dreaded task of cleaning up your dog’s waste. It’s gross, it smells and is never what anyone would call a pleasant experience. While there are already plenty of tools to help with this undesirable task, none have been able to address all of the unfortunate aspects of this responsibility – bending over to pick up the poo, having to transport it from the scoop to the trash, the list goes on. The makers of PooPail are currently raising funds to launch their product that claims to rid dog owners of all of these less than pleasant duties.

What does PooPail do?

PooPail is a 2-in-1 solution specifically designed to scoop and store your dog’s droppings. It functions very much like how a broom and a dustpan are used to pick up dust and dirt off of your floor. Essentially, the user places it on the grass by the dog’s waste and uses a lightweight scoop to push it into the pail.

A large capacity

One stand-out feature on the PooPail is the four-gallon storage capacity for the waste that is picked up using the device. The bags used in the pail are certified by TÜV AUSTRIA, an authorized body certified by European Bioplastics. The bags’ capacity and quality allow the user to dispose of the waste when and where it is most convenient for them.

An ergonomic design

The design of the PooPail is constructed to make it easy and convenient to use. The PooPail’s scooper is designed much like a filter or strainer to allow sand, pebbles, and other debris to fall through before disposal. Additionally, the PooPail is fitted with a long handle to enable the user to pick up waste without bending too far over. The manufacturer claims that this is better for the user’s back. Also, the PooPail is designed to open easily but lock securely once it is closed. This helps to keep outside elements from getting into the bag while keeping the smell tightly locked away.

Three different colors

The PooPail is available in three different colors, giving potential customers a few different options from which to choose. Customers can choose from Forest Green, Earth Blue, and Metallic Silver. All orders come with the storage bin and scoop in matching colors.

Other features

Other features highlighted by the manufacturer include a 10+ years lifespan on the PooPail, as it is made with durable materials. The bags are environmentally friendly and biodegradable – they decompose along with the waste inside of them rather than remaining in a landfill. The PooPail is also weatherproof and ensures that no rain, sprinkler water, or other elements will find their way into the pail or bag.

Where to buy a PooPail

Currently, the PooPail is available on Kickstarter, where the company is working to raise funds for the product’s launch. While the PooPail retails for $79, early birds can pick one up for a $44 pledge. Those making a purchase through Kickstarter can spend up to $114 for multiple PooPails and special add-ons.