Sitpack: World’s most compact foldable seat

Sitpack is like having a seat in your pocket, keeping you at eye-level with your standing friends, while being inconspicuous!

Carrying around a camping chair or foldable seat can be cumbersome and inconvenient, which are two of the problems that the Sitpack 2.0 and Sitpack ZEN set out to resolve. Both chairs are compact, foldable, and lightweight. This allows the user to quickly and conveniently transport their seat to just about anywhere they need to go. The manufacturer claims that their seat is the world’s most compact and functional chair that is specifically designed to improve your posture. Keep reading to learn more about the specifications and features of the Sitpack 2.0 and Sitpack Zen.

The Sitpack 2.0

The Sitpack 2.0 is about the size of a large can, and it weighs less than two pounds. This portable seat is made out of glass fiber reinforced polycarbonate. It is said to be good for both your back and proper blood flow. The design of the seat ensures a healthy, back-supported posture while the user sits. The Sitpack 2.0 is height adjustable and can support up to 220 pounds.

While in use, the seat rests on a rubber foot grip that securely supports the user. Currently, the Sitpack 2.0 is available in five different colors – pitch black, easy blue, black camo, power pink, and pearl white. Its many suggested uses include camping, traveling, waiting in line, and even attending large-scale events.

The most unique design feature of the Sitpack 2.0 is the telescopic leg that adjusts to the height and comfort. The execution of the Sitpack 2.0 is unlike anything else intended for the same use. It is also recommended, by the manufacturer, for people who suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome, M.S., cancer, and other conditions.

The Sitpack ZEN

Sitpack Zen’s design is very similar to the Sitpack 2.0 – it is a functional one-legged chair that rests on an adjustable, telescopic tube. It is crafted with what the manufacturer calls the finest materials including, carbon fiber, aerospace-grade aluminum, tactical mesh, ballistic fiber, and Kevlar webbing.

Sitpack ZEN

The upgrade in materials from the Sitpack 2.0 to the Sitpack ZEN provides greater support regarding weight. The Sitpack 2.0 supports 200 pounds, while the Sitpack Zen will hold up to 265 pounds. It comes in two different design options. The Sitpack ZEN-XI is made with matte black anodized aluminum tubes, while the Sitpack ZEN-XII is constructed with matte black carbon tubes.

In relation to the Sitpack 2.0, the Sitpack Zen is touted to be lighter, stronger, more comfortable, and more adjustable. The designers of the seat claimed to use feedback from thousands of their backers on Indiegogo as inspiration for the improvements.

Pricing and Availability

Currently, the Sitpack 2.0 foldable seat is available on their website for about $US41. The Sitpack Zen is available for about $US81.