Emergency evacuation sheet for patients with limited mobility

The S-CAPEPOD helps to get bedridden patients out of the building in case of an emergency evacuation. Source: Tetcon BV

S-CAPEPOD is an innovative evacuation sheet that helps with the safe, fast, and hitch-free evacuation of bedridden residents.

A large number of care facilities do not have an efficient and effective evacuation plan for their bedridden residents during an emergency. Experience has shown that wheeling the beds out is not feasible as they often do not fit through doorways and can cause blockade on the corridors. S-CAPEPOD’s unique and innovative design ensures it is comfortable for the patient and easy to use for the caregiver while minimizing exposure to danger for both parties.

Design and features

The S-CAPEPOD is designed with three core values in mind: speed, simplicity, and comfort. This evacuation sheet has features that ensure it scores high on these three important fronts. The caregiver places the sheet permanently underneath the resident’s mattress. Doing so makes it always accessible. The astute design guarantees that the patient neither feels it nor sees it. Yet, the caregiver can activate the sheet within a few seconds in case of an emergency.

Fire retardant and bacteria free

A fire outbreak is by far the most common type of emergency that will require evacuation in a care-giving facility. Thus, it is a no-brainer that any effective evacuation sheet should be fire resistant. The manufacturers claim that they use fire retardant yarns to produce the S-CAPEPOD sheets.

Hospital environments are also known to harbor potentially dangerous bacteria. Dragging a patient on the floor in such an environment could predispose them to potentially life-threatening infections. The S-CAPEPOD is capable of protecting patients against the danger of bacteria.

What makes S-CAPEPOD superior?

  • The S-CAPEPOD wraps patients in a protective cocoon without actually securing them with any strap or belt. Using straps and belts in such cases have been shown to cause injury to patients, especially during staircase evacuations.
  • The S-CAPEPOD is the best option for staircase evacuation. When there is enough space, the caregiver can use the S-CAPEPOD as a sled to increase the evacuation speed and still guarantee the safety of the patient.
  • With the right amount of manpower, the evacuation of a care room can be accomplished within 60 seconds.
  • The sheet does not cause pressure points underneath the patient’s mattress.
  • The material has impressive tensile strength. The manufacturers claim that the pulling straps were safely tested up to 5000 kg.

How to use

  • Place the longer flap over the body and attach it to the shoulder flap with the aid of the fastener
  • Attach the flap at the foot of the bed to the rest of the S-CAPEPOD
  • Release the long towing strap to turn the patient on the bed. In case of heavier patients or patients with head or back injuries, it is advisable to also use the towing strap at the head of the S-CAPEPOD.
  • When hauling the patient from the bed, ensure that the patient’s bottom is over the edge of the bed. This enables the patient’s body to move out of the bed with a natural flow.

Pricing info

If you wish to start using S-CAPEPOD in your organization, you can ask for a quotation via the official website.