Human Floor Lift: Designed to pick people up safely from the floor

Indeelift offers a selection of human floor lifts that are designed to lift a person up safely from the floor.

Sometimes we have moments when we are down and need help getting up, literally. For the average person, these literal down moments may be rare. Emergency workers, seniors’ caregivers and some other select few would know that these moments happen more frequently than we think. Indeelift is a company that is passionate about helping people get up during their literal down moment. The company manufactures a wide range of human floor lifts that are specifically designed to pick people up safely from the floor.

What’s the purpose of a fall lift?

Undoubtedly, the best way to tackle falls is to prevent them. Every year, at least one out of four Americans (65 years or more) would experience a fall. In 2015, the total cost for treating fall injuries amounted to more than $50 billion (as per data from CDC). Based on these statistics, we can agree that preventing falls is not a simple task.

Most falls do not cause injuries but what happens after the fall is just as important as the fall itself. Relatives and caregivers trying to lift people from the floor could end up inflicting bruises on the arms or legs of those they are trying to help. If there are any injuries incurred during the fall, they could be worsened by improper lifting which may be no fault of the concerned relative or caregiver. In the awkward process of helping people up, a relative or caregiver could even trip and fall and possibly incur another injury. Indeelift human floor lifts mitigate such unwanted circumstances by providing an efficient and safe manner of lifting people up.

Developed for three distinct user classes

The Human Floor Lift is designed for residential and commercial use, professional healthcare workers and emergency services personnel.

Human Floor Lift for Homes

This model is designed to raise the individual from the floor with a self or assist-operated mechanism. In essence, it helps preserve the dignity, independence, and safety of the individual that experienced the fall while ensuring that other people do not get injured in a bid to help.

Human Floor Lift for professional healthcare workers

The usual lifts in hospital settings are the sling-style lifts. They are cumbersome and thus, cannot be easily transferred from room to room. Human floor lifts for professional health workers are designed to help patients get to their feet quickly and with their dignity intact. It also facilitates the transfer of patients to a bed or wheelchair without the need for a lift team. Hospital workers can go about their duties without worrying about potential back injuries that could arise from lifting patients.

Human Floor Lift for emergency services

The Human floor lift for emergency services is simple and portable and is perfectly suited for helping people get up during medical emergencies. Responders can quickly help the victims get up and transfer them to a bed where first aid services can be provided. It also eliminates the potential for injury to the patient or responder.

Pricing info

Indeelift’s human floor lifts are priced starting $2,195 and go up to $5,750. You can purchase the model that suits your requirements from the company’s official website.