Digital Bangle: The future of jewelry

Digital Bangle has the aesthetics of jewelry while being a personal assistant displaying messages, notifications etc.

For many, jewelry is purely aesthetics. It’s what explains the satisfaction we get when someone admires the jewelry we put on. But what if you can make more than one statement with your jewelry. What if your jewelry could do much more than simply attracting the admiration of onlookers? The digital bangle is that jewelry item that presents the right answers to this question. Optimally designed for aesthetics as well as functionality, the digital bangle is a must-have jewelry item for anyone looking to redefine fashion.

Design and features

The digital bangle comes with a clean and seamless design. There are two different sizes, with each size having a magnetic wrist spacer for a custom fit. The digital bangle is further equipped with a flexible OLED screen, speaker/mic, wireless charging features, and a display dock. All these components enable it to function perfectly as a personal assistant, keeping you up to date with notifications and messages, while ensuring the traditional purpose of putting on a jewelry item remains fulfilled.

A digital reflection of you

The digital bangle is designed to provide the ultimate user experience. There is a wide variety of designs available for download, such that you can always match your mood and your outfit. The bangle is also capable of adapting to suit your needs. The jewelry designs would be tailored to reflect the apps and functions that are most important to you. It would also come with distinctive visual feedback that provides the room for greater engagement with your personality.

Scan your caller IDs, notifications, email, etc

The digital bangle interacts with your phone and gives you an idea of who’s trying to reach you while your phone is still in your pocket. This is especially useful in situations where your phone could serve as a distraction. A quick glance at the bangle and you’ll see the ID of your caller, scan through notifications and get previews of emails and text messages. From the previews, you can decide if you need to take further action.

Discreet display

The display of the notification information is such that it appears on the underside of the wrist. This viewing position ensures onlookers admiring your bangles do not have access to sensitive information. The digital bangle also allows the information to be displayed around the entire circumference. When you want the information in a landscape format, all you need do is flip your wrist. You can also drag the information around your wrist to improve visibility.

The digital bangle is indeed a wonderful idea in the world of functional fashion. It allows you to set reminders, monitor your fitness goals, and keeps you up to date with information, alongside a wide range of other fantastic functions. The only con appears to be the size of the bangle. People who do not fancy big and bold jewelry may find it slightly uncomfortable. Given the endless possibilities, however, you’ll hardly regret changing your fashion preferences to accommodate the bangle.

You can visit the Digital Bangle website to learn more about it.