WonderSip: Easy to clean “one-click open” reusable straw

WonderSip is the world's first one-click open reusable straw.

As we gain a better understanding of the devastating environmental impacts of plastic straws, it is only natural to seek better alternatives. Reusable straws appear to be the answer to this quest and we’ve had quite a few of them, including straws made of metal, silicone, and even bamboo. However, the difficulty in cleaning these straws have hampered their widespread adoption.

WonderSip is the world’s first reusable straw that can be clicked open for effective cleaning. When you click WonderSip, you expose the full interior and you can then hand wash or toss in the dishwasher like any other utensil. It’s the perfect option for every environmentally conscious person that loves sipping from a straw.

One-piece design

Despite WonderSip’s superiority to available alternatives, the design is still as simple as you expect a straw to be. WonderSip essentially features a one-piece design with a protrusion that allows you to open the straw at one end. When you open the straw, it reveals two halves that you can clean effectively. The opening line also has a tight seal, which makes it leakproof.

Convenient to clean

With WonderSip, you can say goodbye to the days of carrying around your pipe cleaner so you can clean your reusable straw after use. Simply open WonderSip with one click and you have the option of rinsing and wiping your straw or tossing it into the dishwasher. Yes, you read that right. WonderSip is completely dishwasher safe according to the manufacturers.

Available in different sizes

WonderSip is available in four different sizes, ranging from 6 inches to 10.5 inches. There’s also a wider Jumbo size that’s perfect for sipping smoothies and other thick fluids. All the straws can act as a stopper when flipped. Buyers have the option of choosing freely from any of the 9 color shades available.

Eco-friendly materials

In line with the manufacturer’s commitment to environmental conservation, both WonderSip itself and the packaging pouch use environmentally friendly materials. According to the manufacturers, WonderSip is made from premium materials that are free of BPA and other toxic materials. The packaging pouch is crafted from premium linen fiber which is biodegradable, durable, antibacterial, and water-resistant.

No weird taste or odor

Many users of reusable straws, especially those made from silicone or metal complain of a weird taste in their mouth whenever they drink with their straw. WonderSip users can rest assured they would not have this complaint. In addition, WonderSip is odorless, mildew-resistant and child-friendly.

Pricing info

WonderSip is currently at the crowdfunding stage. The Kickstarter campaign has been widely successful, generating more than 500% of the target with 16 days remaining. You can visit the official campaign page to check out the available pledges and rewards.