FinGears Magnetic Rings: anti-stress fidget for games

FinGears Magnetic Rings is a multi-purpose fidget: awesome tricks, games and other uses!

Fidget spinners are popular among people who have difficulty paying attention, those who need to relieve psychological stress, anxiety, or nervous energy. Some studies also suggest that they can help maintain calm in people who have neurological disorders such as ADHD or autism. As wonderful as they are, however, conventional fidget spinners are quite boring. Users complain they get tired of them after a while and they cease to serve their purpose because all you can do is spin them.

FinGears Magnetic Rings is a multi-purpose fidget and anti-stress gadget that promises much more than spinning. The magnetic rings are quite versatile. You can use them to do awesome tricks and play interesting games, among a host of other uses. If you’ve been searching for a fun, addiction-free way to calm yourself in stressful situations, you should get your hands on FinGears Magnetic Rings.

Design and features

FinGears comprises a streamlined, universal design of snappy magnets encased in colorful rings with multidirectional spinning possibilities. According to the manufacturers, FinGears Magnetic Rings promises more creative freedom than anything else in the market. Rather than simply ‘spinning your spinner’, FinGears allows you to play a wide array of games and try awesome tricks. And if you’re content with spinning, the non-concentric nature of the FinGears offers unlimited spinning possibilities.

Unlimited fun with magnetic tricks

While other fidget spinners have rigid forms with concentric rings, FinGears’ rings are modular and magnetic. This gives users unlimited freedom to freestyle and do what they want with the rings. You can spin them, whirl them, stick them to surfaces, do cool tricks with them or even use them to play games with friends; the possibilities are endless.

Periodically updated trick library

FinGears owners have access to a detailed trick tutorial curated by the most experienced users. You can watch and emulate the amazing things others are doing with their kit while still carrying out your own experimentations. If you come up with a trick that you think is good enough, simply contact the FinGears developers and they’ll consider adding it to the trick library.

Varying sizes and colors

To make them even more aesthetically pleasing, the magnetic rings are available in different sizes and colors. The available sizes are:

Small rings: designed for a finger diameter of 16mm

Medium rings: designed for a finger diameter of 18mm

Large rings: designed for a finger diameter of 21mm

If you’re buying in a physical store, getting an approximate idea of the right ring size for you couldn’t be any easier. All you have to do is fit your index finger into the highlighted finger shape on the box. If you’re ordering online, download the PDF guide to measuring your finger size.

Pricing info

Updated on 24th Dec, 2020: FinGears Magnetic Rings can be ordered via the Fin-Gears website.