Solus Plus Radiator – The future of home heating

SOLUS+ Smart Radiator; heating innovation never looked this good.

Heating the home is one of life’s necessities. However, in the age of smart homes, it is hard to argue that heating technologies have not experienced as much innovation as other home appliances. Introducing Solus Plus radiator – it makes a daring attempt to revolutionize how we think about home heaters. With its sleek design, smart features, and superior efficiency profile, Solus+ is the home heating appliance of the future.

The world’s most efficient radiator

According to the manufacturers, heating efficiency is the very core of Solus+. The heating element is built around a patent-pending graphene-based nanotechnology coating. The heater works by producing far-infrared radiant heat. This makes it highly efficient at delivering and maintaining indoor heat while using up to 30% less energy when compared with convection heaters.

Solus+ does not just offer superior efficiency; it remains efficient for a longer period. Unlike conventional radiation technology, Solus’ nanotech coating neither creates stray magnetic fields nor suffers from oxidation. This ensures the heating appliance can operate at the same efficiency for 30 years or even more.

Breathtaking aesthetics

Solus+ is unlike any home radiator you’ve ever seen; it looks more like an LCD screen than an appliance that’s designed to heat your home and provide comfort. The radiator is beautifully crafted from ultra-lightweight tempered glass. At a total weight of 4.5kg and a thickness of just 10mm, it’s as portable as they come. The black, reflective design is striking and it promises to seamlessly match the ambiance in your home, whether you’re using it freestanding or wall-mounted. What’s more? Solus’ simple plug and play design ensures installation comes at zero cost.

Serving you at home or off-grid

Solus+ is portable and can work anywhere as long as there’s a power source. The appliance is capable of running from AC or DC, 48V or mains power. This means you can comfortably take Solus off-grid and still trust it to provide efficient heating. The unique heating element has very little resistance and is capable of converting fluctuating currents into heat even in the absence of the extra electrical components that are commonly found in conventional radiators. Solus can also run on wind or solar power.

Control your heating from your phone

Thanks to Solus’ temperature/humidity sensor and smartphone app, you can now control your home heating from the comfort of your smartphone. The app boasts numerous features that allow users to manage their heating more efficiently while putting heating costs at your fingertips. More than ever, you can now save money and reduce your environmental footprint without sacrificing your comfort.

Eco-friendly and 100% recyclable

The manufacturers claim that every component that makes up the entire Solus+ unit is fully recyclable. Factor in the markedly reduced energy consumption and you have an appliance that promises to reduce your environmental footprint in more ways than one.

Pricing info

Solus Plus radiator recently had a successful crowdfunding campaign. According to Indiegogo, the project team is now shipping its products to backers. The Solus M1 has a heating area of 15 square meters and it’s on sale for €238. Its larger counterpart, Solus M2 costs €308 and has a heating area of 20 square meters. You can visit the official Koleda page to place your order.