Flips Bracelet: The tech-free way of achieving your goals

Unique and handmade bracelet that reminds you to achieve your goals and helps create good daily habits.

It’s hard to argue that getting things done or developing a habit has never been more difficult. Smart technologies present an unwelcome distraction and we are often too weak to resist their appeal. Most of the innovative solutions that hope to help you achieve your goals are actually tech-based. As you are being reminded of a task you need to get done, a Facebook notification is also popping up on your home screen. At the end of the day, these apps are counter-productive. Paper lists, on the other, are not always accessible. You would have to remind yourself before you can review the goals written on paper lists. The Flips Bracelets is an innovative way of addressing these shortcomings.

Achieve your goals and flip

The working principle behind the flips bracelet is as simple as it gets. Building a habit requires triggers and rewards; triggers to constantly remind you of the goal and a reward that helps you feel good whenever you achieve them. The symbols on the beads provide that trigger and your reward comes from flipping the bead after achieving them. Since the bracelet is an excellent fashion item, it would serve as a conversation piece, reminding you of your daily goals wherever you go.

Handmade to suit all ages

The flips bracelet is handmade from all natural wood. Your daily goals or the habits you are hoping to develop are represented with symbols that have been intricately burned into the wood. The common daily goals the bracelet can help you achieve include:

  • Body/Mind/soul goals e.g. yoga, spa, take a nap, affirmations, take a walk, meditate, etc.
  • Nourishment goals: take your drugs or supplements, hydrate, eat vegetables, stick to a vegan diet, eat fruits, etc.
  • Hobbies/passions: sing/play an instrument, write, design, paint,
  • Sports/recreation: Boxing training, running, horseback riding, golfing, etc.
  • Chores/reminders: Clean up, do the dishes, homework, make time for important stuff, etc.
  • Character building: bond with family, express gratitude, make someone happy, show love, etc.

All these goals and many more are creatively represented with symbols on wooden beads. Depending on the habits you wish to develop, you can choose the goals that are paramount to you. After the launch of the flips bracelet, there’ll be a provision to choose custom goals and the symbols that represent them. The beads also come in a wide range of colors and you are free to choose the one that suits you best.

Who’s the bracelet for?

The Flips bracelet is a great tool for developing habits and improving oneself. It’s useful for:

  • Anyone that’s committed to self-growth and developing good habits
  • Motivating children to develop good habits
  • Helping autistic children or children with Down’s syndrome remember their daily tasks
  • Elderly people who need to take daily tablets or carry out simple tasks that they may otherwise forget
  • Adults who are easily distracted by life’s pressures.

Where to buy

The Flips bracelet is currently at the crowdfunding stage. The Kickstarter campaign is currently attracting backers and the bracelets are available as a reward for pledges. You can check out the rewards on the campaign page. It is estimated that the bracelets would be delivered by March 2019.