MagiMask- Immersive, High Definition Augmented Reality

MagiMask is a new, immersive, affordable augmented reality headset

Augmented reality is changing the way we interact with the digital world. With the help of AR, it is possible to liberate information trapped on two-dimensional surfaces and visualize digital models. The ability to do this becomes important when physical models are absent or inaccessible.

There are numerous smartphone applications that support augmented reality. However, they all have a common shortcoming. Experiencing augmented reality on smartphones requires keeping the device in hand. Consequently, only the portion of your view that is covered by the screen would be augmented. MagiMask is a new way to unleash the power of your smartphones, creating a high-definition augmented reality that’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.

Design and Features

MagiMask features a flexible, soft fabric design that imitates the equally outstanding MovieMask, a product by the same company. Unlike conventional AR headsets, MagiMask adopts a breakthrough lens technology, which offers the user a full view of the smartphone screen. This compensates for both convergence and accommodation, providing clear, expanded views of the augmented reality. It also features a technology that makes use of the full pixel of the smartphone camera, ensuring the mask projects large and clear images with much better resolution than other AR masks. You can trust MagiMask for comfortable, impressive, and intense AR experiences.

Visualization and movement in one package

When visualizing augmented reality, the possibility of moving around and manipulating the views is an added advantage. MagiMask utilizes a unique technology that enables users to move around the 3D models with 6 degrees of freedom. This is quite useful for teaching and learning using 3D models.

Compatible with a wide range of apps

MagiMask’s compatibility is another feature that makes the device even more impressive. It is compatible with a wide variety of AR apps that would not work with conventional headsets. Thus, you have unlimited options when it comes to selecting the perfect app to create your augmented reality. You also have the freedom to seamlessly switch between apps in a bid to harness the advantages of some apps over the others.

More than just a mask

With all the fantastic features of MagiMask, it is nothing short of incredible to know that the device is more than the mask itself. In addition to the device, there are physical tracker objects that enable users to interact with the digital world. The MagiTile gives room for stable tracking of 3D models on all surfaces. Additionally, MagiDice provides a physical link to the virtual world, making you able to move or control digital objects in real time.

Pricing info

MagiMask promises a completely new dimension of mobile augmented reality. You can be among the first to take advantage of this device that opens a world of possibilities by backing the Kickstarter campaign. The campaign has already exceeded its goal but you can still check out the campaign page to see the rewards for pledges.