Airwheel SE3 Smart Rideable Suitcase

Airwheel SE3, a smart suitcase that can tow, ride, and act as mobile charging station on the go!

With the current advancements in science and technology, it’s safe to say that ‘everything is no longer the same’. Even if there are exceptions to this statement, a strong case can be made for suitcases. Suitcases are no longer just suitcases and this is best exemplified by the Airwheel SE3 Smart Suitcase. It’s part suitcase, part scooter, part power bank, and a bit of everything else.

The best carry on suitcase around

The Airwheel SE3 Smart Suitcase doubles as an electric scooter, improving mobility and promoting green transport. For many travelers, commuting problems start right at the airport. If you’ve ever wished you had a vehicle at the airport, this smart suitcase easily comes to your rescue. Simply extend the handlebars and the front wheel with the press of a button and you can take a seat as the 250-watt electric motor and removable Lithium battery powers you on. The suitcase cum scooter is also useful for on-duty commute and high-speed rail trips or just pure entertainment.


The SE3 has incredible smart features but the design doesn’t neglect its primary function; housing your luggage. The 29.3L volume is a testament to this fact and the numerous creative partitions give you the freedom to use every inch of space effectively. The frame is constructed from Aviation-grade aluminum alloy; no wonder the ‘tiny’ suitcase can withstand about 90kg external load. The suitcase features a TSA custom coded lock, securing your luggage while allowing hassle-free checks by custom officers. The surface is covered by waterproof and wear-resistant material. Thus, your suitcase would keep looking as good as new even after heavy use.

Features and functionality

The SE3 comes with two rear tires and an extensible handlebar. Even when you are not riding, you can tow your suitcase everywhere you go. The single front wheel becomes useful when you wish to transform your suitcase into a scooter. Most of the suitcase’s features are controlled via the mobile app. The app also displays information such as riding speed, riding distance, gears, etc.

The suitcase can travel at a maximum speed of 6.21 MPH, although the weight of the passenger affects the speed. To ensure safe commuting, you can set a maximum speed for the suitcase through the mobile app. The sturdy tyres ensure the SE3 can move smoothly on most surfaces and there’s an electronic brake that brings you to a halt whenever there is a need to.

The high-definition LED display provides on-screen access to relevant riding data, enhancing safety while driving. The suitcase also comes with a USB port. You can charge your portable devices anywhere and anytime. The suitcase is powered by a removable Lithium ion battery. The 185Wh battery is ideal for routine use but not suitable for boarding planes. You’ll have to step down to the 75Wh battery when you wish to take the suitcase along on air travels. Check out pricing and other details about the Airwheel SE3 Smart Suitcase here.