Skoda Roadiaq is a revolutionary electric micro-camper for the modern digital nomad

Skoda Roadiaq Electric Micro-Camper
Embrace the open road with Skoda Roadiaq - the perfect blend of workspace and living quarters for the digital nomad seeking eco-friendly travel. Images © Skoda

Emerging from a unique intersection between automotive innovation and digital nomad lifestyle, Skoda’s latest concept car, the Roadiaq, is poised to redefine expectations for what a compact camping vehicle can be.

A harmonious blend of a camper car and mobile office, the Roadiaq sets a new standard in the category of micro-campers, competing robustly with established vehicles such as Vantourer’s Mercedes Urban office van. This ingenious concept stems from the creative minds at Skoda’s vocational school and is the ninth project car to be developed by its students. The electric all-wheel-drive (AWD) crossover has a multifunctional interior design that readily transforms from an office space during the day to a compact camper at night.

The Roadiaq stands out aesthetically as well. With an intriguing high roof that mimics the shape of a reptilian creature and an emerald green lower body, the concept car captures attention immediately. The rear end features a set of scale-like triangles, a unique design element that solidifies its distinctive visual appeal.

At the heart of the Roadiaq’s practicality is its functional interior design. Starting with the framework of Skoda’s all-electric Enyaq, a 465-cm SUV, the Roadiaq is embellished with a functional rear high roof that transforms the back cabin into a small van-like space. Despite its additional space, the vehicle’s design retains a low profile to maintain battery efficiency.

The Roadiaq is based on the Enyaq 80x Sportline model and carries a 77-kWh lithium-ion battery that offers an estimated range of 307 miles (495 km, WLTP). This energy-efficient model is powered by a combination of a 201-hp (150-kW) rear synchronous e-motor and a 107-hp (80-kW) front asynchronous motor.

Skoda Roadiaq Electric Micro-Camper Interior
The interior combines an office and a bed for one.

The Roadiaq’s interior features an innovative mobile workstation, equipped with a wireless keyboard, mouse, a 27-inch monitor, a speaker, and a camera, ideal for the modern digital nomad. Meanwhile, the front passenger seat is designed with a dedicated tablet mount, creating a functional secondary workstation.

Despite its many conveniences, the Roadiaq concept is designed primarily for solo living. While it accommodates a second person during work hours and while driving, the sleeping arrangements are singular. The bench transitions into a bed, but there is no provision for extending the sleeping area.

Skoda Roadiaq Electric Micro-Camper Work Space Bedroom Kitchen
The Skoda Roadiaq is ingeniously crafted for journeying, mobile working, onsite sleeping, and immersive exploration.

In terms of outdoor amenities, the Roadiaq has a unique auxiliary tailgate tent dedicated to the kitchen area, which includes a portable single-burner stove and a small electric fridge box. These appliances set up on a pair of collapsible camping tables that come with integrated storage bags for tools and accessories.

To complement the outdoor adventure, a 12-V espresso machine plugs into the vehicle, ensuring that occupants remain fueled for work, exploration, and long driving stints. When not in use, these utilities store away neatly in the Roadiaq’s under-bench and console drawers.

Skoda Roadiaq Electric Micro-Camper Outdoor Kitchen
The alfresco kitchen, though modest in design, is primed and ready for meal preparation.

Further, the Skoda Roadiaq comes equipped with a solar-powered shower, solar panels for powering the office/living area, flashlights, a survival kit, and an electrical connection for shore power when needed.

The development of the Roadiaq was a collaborative effort between Skoda’s in-house team and the 29 vocational students, with additional expertise from Czech companies Cargodesign and KPS Automobile. The project, which began last fall, took over 2,000 hours of work to reach fruition.

Skoda Roadiaq Electric Micro-Camper Side View
Stay powered on-the-go with Skoda Roadiaq’s 77-kWh battery and electrical connection for shore power, ensuring seamless journeys and productivity.

Source: Skoda