Isifloating: Floating solar power technology

ISIFLOATING is a floating solar technology which enables the covering of partial or entire water surfaces to build floating solar power plants.

Solar panels are at the forefront of the much-needed transition to renewable energy. However, a number of factors limit the application and efficiency of conventional solar panels. Floating solar technology effectively solves some of these problems and the manufacturers of Isifloating take pride in being pioneers of floating solar technology. Floating solar technologies are cheaper and more suitable for areas with a lot of water but limited land space. Furthermore, the cooling effect of the water allows the floating solar cells to run more efficiently than on land.

For more than 10 years, the Isigenere Company has worked on perfecting their Photovoltaic floating technology and Isifloating is the result of all the hardwork. According to the company, Isifloating is the “most high-quality, durable, and cost-effective floating solar system in the world.”

Design and features

Isigenere employs a unique and bi-float design for their Isifloating technology. Each solar panel uses the best quality materials – Virgin Blue HDPE, UV, and antioxidant additives. In addition to the high quality materials, the company employs the most effective process for solar panel construction – injection molding. This widely applied technique produces the most durable and precise materials. To enhance durability and longevity, there is a minimum thickness of 3mm in any part of the float, and non-UV exposed areas are even thicker.


The solar panel adheres to the high safety standards required in the industry. The setup features an easy and secure walking access for those involved in cleaning and routine maintenance tasks. The high-quality materials employed in its construction minimizes the risk of a malfunction, further enhancing its safety. The solar panels also come with great stability and buoyancy with each of them capable of accommodating a 240kg load. If you are wondering how the setup would cope with the wind, you will be glad to know that the aerodynamic design as well as the 5-degree tilt angle ensures there is minimum wind drag.

Highly adaptable

Isifloating is quite versatile, and is suitable for installation on different water bodies. The float rests above the embankments of the water and the setup remains intact even when the water level goes down. If there are resource constraints, you can start with a small solar plant and then grow it in a flexible way. The system can withstand strong winds, high waves, extreme temperatures, and whatever else the elements throw at it.

Cost efficient

The entire Isifloating system is designed to cost less than conventional solar panel setups as well as its floating competitors. The system boasts a nestable and stackable design that facilitates storage and transportation. Furthermore, the installation process does not require any specialized personnel or tools because the setup has very few parts. A 4-person crew can install a 1MW plant within 17 days, and the system usually requires little maintenance.

Environmental benefits

The Isifloating solar technology holds numerous benefits over regular photovoltaic panel setups. They include:

  • 10-15% increase in photovoltaic power performance due to the cooling effect
  • Renewable energy produced is linked to closer power consumption
  • Up to 85% reduction in water evaporation
  • Improvement in water quality and a reduction in infrastructure and maintenance costs
  • Preserves land for agriculture, livestock or forestry

Purchase info

If you are interested in purchasing the Isifloating patented floating solar technology, you can get in touch with the Isigenere company via their official website.