Precision Road Marking Machines

These machines spray paint roads with incredible precision and speed

STiM Marking Machines apply precise road markings for the use of drivers and pedestrians. They allow for variations in the thickness of the line, make gaps, and add reflective strips. You could also mix special additives to the marking materials. Some machines are designed for marking on vertical surfaces too.

The road marking machines can be controlled manually. However, they do have automatic options available. They come in a variety of sizes:

  • small-sized manual marking machine on the trolley;
  • medium marking machine for self-propelled or trailed chassis;
  • A large machine for marking a roadway on the chassis of a serial truck.

Marking machines mark roads in two ways:

  • Air – these use pneumatic sprayers (the material is transferred to the surface by a jet of compressed air)
  • Airless – this is used to reduce paint losses. This allows you to reduce the weight of the machine itself. In addition, no air means less spraying mist is developed so that paint does not settle onto surrounding areas unintentionally. Another advantage of the airless application is that paint is distributed even more finely, and bubbles no longer develop on the surface

The company claims that each STiM marking machine performs its functions perfectly and requires minimal maintenance. And they go on to say that it provides long-lasting road markings.

These machines are put to use on highways, roads, junctions, pedestrian crossings, and parking lots. They are also used for playground markings.

When planning to buy a marking machine, consider where, how many lines and what lines you need to apply to the roadway. Also, take into account the traffic intensity and features of each material for road marking, and climatic conditions of the region.

STiM mentions that you do not require sophisticated specialized knowledge to manage their marking machines; it is enough just to have the skills of driving a conventional car. The company is confident about this since most of the automatic work is controlled by a special program (there are many options depending on what type of marking you need). Even their manually operated machines speed up the process of marking lines on the roadway, but they do require accuracy and attention on the part of the operator. [STiM]