PolyLevel: The 21st-Century Concrete Leveling Solution

PolyLevel Concrete Leveling Solution
PolyLevel utilizes high-density, expanding polyurethane foam to raise slabs back to a desired level. Images © PolyLevel

Concrete is one of the most durable and versatile materials known to man. It’s for this durability and versatility that concrete is so widely used and applied around the world in all kinds of construction projects. From simple concrete slabs that make a hard surface in an urban area to the magnificent domed arches of the Sydney Opera House, concrete can get the job done.

Strong as it is, wear and tear, bad weather and many other factors eventually lead concrete to need maintenance. For concrete surfaces, that generally means sinking and becoming uneven. For driveways, sidewalks, patios, roads, and other concrete surfaces, uneven concrete is a serious problem both in terms of safety and aesthetics. In the past, the solutions were mudjacking and partial replacement of the concrete. However, in the modern age, PolyLevel offers a superior solution.

How does PolyLevel restore concrete?

The PolyLevel system uses state-of-the-art high-density polyurethane foam that is injected under the sinking concrete; where it sets and cures to raise the concrete back to its proper level. In its basic principle, the idea is similar to mudjacking where a concrete-mud mix is injected underneath to raise the concrete. However, the PolyLevel system represents a significant upgrade to this widely used system, as well as concrete replacement.

Benefits of PolyLevel system

1. Fewer and smaller injection holes required

Where mudjacking requires a greater number of larger holes to be drilled into the concrete in order to start the injection process, PolyLevel only requires a few, and each hole no more than ⅝ of an inch in diameter. These smaller holes are easier to clean and patch, thus leaving a nicer, more seamless finish.

2. PolyLevel is waterproof

One of the big drawbacks with mudjacking is that while the material can effectively raise the concrete as required, it isn’t waterproof and so eventually washes away. PolyLevel solves that problem by providing a waterproof and more durable support system that will keep the concrete surface level in all weather. 

3. Only takes 15 minutes to cure

One more great feature of the PolyLevel system is that it can be walked on, driven on, and used as normal after just 15 minutes. Compare that to the up to 72 hours that it can take when using the mudjacking method.

4. Can handle heavier loads

Despite being only 4-lbs per cubic yard, PolyLevel is incredibly strong. It can handle heavier loads than mudjacking, including stoops and slab foundations. This gives PolyLevel a huge potential range of applications, both residential and commercial.

5. Clean, even finish

Finally, because the PolyLevel system works by supporting the existing concrete, you can avoid partial replacement which leaves the surface looking mismatched and patchy, with some new and some old concrete. There’s no need for replacement until the whole surface can be replaced at the same time.

Contractors in the US and Canada

Whether you have concrete in a residential or commercial space that needs lifting, PolyLevel contractors operate all over the US (including Hawaii) and in four Canadian provinces: Alberta, Manitoba, British Columbia, and Quebec. Discover the difference that PolyLevel can make on your concrete today.

Source: PolyLevel