Geco Hub: Grab & Go Modular storage for everyday stuff

Geco Hub is a 3D-printed modular storage system that comprises of a flexible matrix, which adapts to hold all your belongings securely.

A lot of us are guilty of always forgetting important things while leaving home. It could be your phone, wallet, keys, or other essentials. Often, the cause of this problem is that these items do not have a home. So, we end up tossing them anywhere and spend valuable time searching for them when we need them, and that’s if we remember we need them at all. Geco Hub aims to stop this from happening again by presenting a way to free essential belongings from everyday clutter. The wall storage helps keep the essential items visible and ensures you always have them where you need them.

What is Geco Hub and how does it work?

Geco Hub is a modular and customizable wall-mounted storage that provides a home for all the important things you can easily misplace. The 3D-printed storage comprises a flexible matrix that adapts to hold all your belongings securely, so you can always retrieve them whenever you need them. Besides making it easy to store and retrieve essential items, Geco Hub can also help to de-clutter surfaces.

Storing items in Geco Hub feels exactly like putting them on a coffee table or countertop. However, the strategic placement of the unit ensures the items are hidden in plain sight, and you no longer need to scatter your tabletop because you’re looking for an item.

Part storage unit, part notice board

The rubber matrices are flexible and compact enough to hold a wide variety of items in lots of different ways. From wallets to phones to glasses to pens to headphones down to just about anything else, you can trust Geco Hub to be your secure storage unit.

In addition to acting as a storage unit, the matrices can also firmly hold paper. This equips it to serve as your notice board; a place where you conspicuously place essential notes or other paper items such as receipts, tickets, etc.

Better than shelves and cabinets

Geco Hub is more compact than shelves and cabinets. There’s almost a zero chance of bumping into it in narrow hallways and tight spaces. Furthermore, it’s small enough to fit virtually anywhere; your kitchen, living area, garage, toilet, and any other place you feel you need it.

Installing the system is easy as pie, and you can complete it within a few minutes. Installation requires using removable adhesive pads that won’t damage your wall. If the surface is non-adhesive or you desire something stronger and more permanent, screwing Geco Hub is always an option.

Create the perfect storage space

Geco Hub is seamlessly modular, allowing you to combine as many units as you want to create the perfect size and shape of storage space. The matrices assemble without any glue, and it’s designed to be durable and fixable.

Pricing info

Geco Hub is currently at the crowdfunding stage. You can visit the official campaign page to check out the available pledges and rewards.