Snorble: Smart sleep companion for kids for a better bedtime routine

Snorble aims to make bedtime fun by gamifying the bedtime routine.

The creators of Snorble describe this animated night light character as a one-of-a-kind sleep companion. It was created to help children develop healthier sleep habits through friendlier interactions with children. Parents are able to choose different settings and features for both bedtime and playtime activities. Let’s take a closer look at what Snorble offers the families that use it. Snorble positions itself as a more holistic approach to bedtimes and the routines required for parents to get their kids to sleep.

The nuts and bolts

Snorble’s primary function is to act as a bedtime aid. The key features that are provided to help parents put their children to bed are soothing sounds and lights, cue signals for bedtime, music, and stories to help create a relaxing atmosphere within the room, and it also helps to make bedtime fun through gamified routines.

Snorble’s creators claim that it is a one-of-a-kind sleep aid that helps your children develop a consistent routine from the time they get ready for bed to the time they wake up. Additionally, it offers some playtime activity features. Aside from ushering children through bedtime routines and waking them up at the time their parents choose, Snorble also helps kids fall back asleep if they wake up in the night.

The accompanying app

Parents are given full control of the Snorble device through an app that they can download to their phones. The mobile app provides advice and suggestions from child development experts, as well as those who work in neuropsychology. It uses factors, such as age, to help make such suggestions. While the app makes recommendations based on expert opinions, it is the parents that have an ultimate say in how Snorble functions within the lives of their children.


Through the mobile app, parents can determine and set bedtimes, track sleep patterns and disturbances, and know how many hours of sleep their children got throughout the night. Aside from sleep data and routine settings, the app helps to facilitate the other activities offered by Snorble, which include yoga, storytelling, and meditation.

Snorble’s fashion

Currently, those looking to personalize their Snorble can do so with what Snorble Inc. calls Fun Fashion. While the company ensures more designs are on the way, at this point, customers can choose from a unicorn or panda costume to add a personal touch to their Snorble. An interesting feature – the Snorble’s face changes when the user changes its outfit.

When and how to get a Snorble

As of April 2021, the Snorble is still in development. At the moment, the projected live launch for this product is October 2021. Until then, those interested in getting their hands on one can support the company through their crowdfunding page at Indiegogo. For $199, customers will receive a Snorble base, and a premium mobile app upgrade for one year. Other available items for purchase include both of the outfits, in Panda and Unicorn, for $30. Those looking to support the company’s fundraising can also donate $50 to send a Snorble to a children’s organization.