Cake Kalk OR: Your dream electric off-road bike

Cake Kalk OR is a cross between a downhill mountain bike and a motocross dirt bike.

Despite the stunning rate of innovation in the electric bike space, it’s hard to argue that most of the famous electric bike models focus on only urban commuters. Mountain bikers, off-road riders, and other categories of bikers have a strong reason to feel left out. At least until the Swedish electric bike company, Cake, came up with the Kalk OR.

The Cake Kalk electric off-road bike is a stunning work of art that promises to make your adventure worth the while. A blend of sophistication, aesthetics, and performance, Kalk feels like the offspring from the marriage between Ikea and Tesla. It delivers on the company’s promise to accelerate their journey towards zero-emission while delivering excitement and adventure.

Design and features

Specially designed for off-road riding, Kalk OR feels and rides like a hybrid of a dirt bike and mountain bike. The design is radical enough to warrant a second look from anyone. Moreover, if the riding reviews are anything to go by, it delivers top-notch performance.

Specially designed Trail Saver tires

The tires are an essential component of any bike, but they’re even more critical for bikes designed to do the dirty job. Still, the usual practice of bike manufacturers is to outsource their tire production to an independent company. Cake, however, did not employ this approach with Kalk OR. The company took the pain to specially design ‘Trail Saver’ tires that offer the best grip in the dirt while ensuring the trail remains intact. They’re your perfect companion for the most challenging off-road terrains.

Lightweight for optimal performance

The motorcycle’s swingarm, wheels, and frame are made from aluminum, while the body panels are constructed from carbon fiber. These materials are synonymous with lightweight and toughness; little wonder the Kalk OR’s dry weight is just 52kg. Add the battery, and you’ll get an extra 17kg. When you consider the fact that an average 250cc dirt bike weighs about 115kg, you’d understand how much work has been put into making Kalk OR the lightest of its kind.

Stunning performance

Although Kalk OR’s appearance may give an illusion of fragility, its performance is nothing short of spectacular, according to multiple rider reviews. The motorcycle packs an 11kw electric motor that promises to propel you through thick and thin. The performance is further enhanced by its minimal weight, allowing riders to drift freely and perform tricks and flicks, even in the mud. The motorcycle also boasts a top speed of +50mph and a range of up to 3 hours, everything you’ll want in your dream electric dirt bike.

Minimalist dashboard

Just like the rest of it, Kalk OR’s dashboard is minimalist, housing five LEDs and two knobs. One of the knobs controls the ride modes while the other selects the energy regeneration setting. Depending on the terrain and how adventurous you’re feeling, you can switch between Explore, Excite, and Excel drive modes.

Pricing info

Kalk OR electric off-road bike is currently priced at $13,000. If there’s any downside to Kalk OR, it’s that the price tag doesn’t quite match the battery and power. You can visit the official Cake website to learn more and/or explore their other bikes.