eROCKIT electric motorcycle has pedals, and can go 55 mph

eROCKIT electric motorbike is described as a 'Human Hybrid'. The eROCKIT electronics registers the muscle power used by the driver and multiplies it.

Since the turn of the decade, electric motorcycles and bicycles have become an increasingly popular mobility option among people living in urban centers. They both have no stringent parking requirements, do a fine job of beating the traffic, and are environmentally friendly. It’s safe to say that they are the personal transportation devices for the future. But what if you could combine the ease of operating a bicycle with the superior performance of a motorcycle?

eROCKIT electric motorcycle is a bold attempt to harness the best properties of electric motorcycles and bicycles. It combines them into one hugely efficient and functional device. The result is an electric motorcycle with pedals. But unlike conventional pedals, eROCKIT’s pedals are designed to power a generator. The generator measures the input from the power generated by the pedaling action. It then uses that input to regulate how much power is transferred to the motorcycle’s rear wheel.

Design and features

At first sight, eROCKIT looks like a regular electric motorbike but one can’t help but wonder why a motorbike has pedals. The manufacturers of the German-made machine motorbike believe it has the power to “revolutionize the electric mobility industry with its intuitive drive system.” The pedals on the bike serve as the accelerator and according to the manufacturers, a few kicks in the pedals can help you achieve a breathtaking acceleration and speeds of over 55 mph (89km/hr).

Battery and performance

eROCKIT comes with a 6.6 kWh battery pack and the manufacturers claim it has a range of 120km. This according to them, makes it an excellent commuter vehicle for people in urban centers. The bike weighs 265 lbs and you have every reason to be skeptical about the feasibility of pedaling something that heavy. However, the motor power of 16 kW leaves you safe in the knowledge that your pedaling is not directly supplying the energy needed to power the bike.

A human-electric hybrid

The manufacturers of eROCKIT posit that successfully producing a human-electric hybrid motorcycle “represents a fundamental step in the emobility market.” Having to pedal the bike keeps you healthy and active without leaving you with too much work. eROCKIT’s working principle is based on muscle power multiplication. The bike multiplies the pedaling power applied by the driver and multiplies it to produce a powerful forward thrust from the little effort applied. The electric motor component makes the bike environmentally friendly due to the zero-emissions and low noise.

Stunning acceleration and impressive handling

eROCKIT attains top speed faster than other electric bikes or motorcycles. You can expect to leave other road users behind once the traffic lights signal ‘go’. The motorcycle, according to the manufacturers, possesses perfect driving dynamics and impressive handling. It’s everything you want in an urban commuting device and much more.

Pricing info

Updated 29th Sep, 2022: You can reserve your eROCKIT by depositing a reservation fee of €250 (about $US242). The motorcycle is currently priced at around €12,900 incl. German VAT (about $US12,490). You can also lease (from €99 / month) or avail financing.

Source: eROCKIT