DuoTek – The Ultralight Reflective and Reversible Jacket

DuoTek is an ultralight, reflective & reversible jacket for day and night.

Since their foray into the mainstream fashion scene, reflective jackets have become hugely popular among those who love spending time outdoors during the dark. They have also been featured by numerous big brands such as Nike, The North Face, Luis Vuitton, etc. Unfortunately, most of the common reflective jackets are either extremely expensive or impractical to wear during the day. DuoTek is an affordable, reflective and reversible jacket, It’s meant for day and night, and is free from the common shortcomings of reflective jackets.

Design and features

Unlike most of your regular clothing items, DuoTek is designed to have two wearable sides. The black side which features UV protection technology is ideal for daytime wear. The reflective side, on the other hand, helps make you clearly visible at night. Both sides of the jacket are waterproof and windproof while staying breathable.

The jacket is lightweight and packable, making it a quintessential travel companion. It’s also machine washable to facilitate easy cleaning. What’s more? DuoTek comes with five waterproof pockets to help you keep your belongings safe even under the heaviest downpours.


Although DuoTek is essentially a combination of two jackets, it still weighs no more than one thanks to the patented ultralight technology. The lightweight nature of the jacket means you can wear it all day and all night without feeling burdened. Plus it’s suitable for a wide range of applications; from sports to work to casual days and nights out.

Waterproof pockets

DuoTek comes with five waterproof pockets – two on each side and one on the rear. The pockets are made watertight by YKK zips. Whether you get caught in the rain or are the victim of an unfortunate splash, you can rest assured your phone and other belongings would remain dry and safe. The pockets further have a Velcro design that prevents your phone from moving up and down when running, making this jacket your ideal exercise partner.

Stretchable and soft

The DuoTek jacket is stretchable and super-soft, promising you extra comfort during the day and at night. To increase the jacket’s comfort factor and versatility, there are drawstrings located both on the hood and the helm. Tightening the drawstrings would give you a tight fit whenever you need it.

Pricing info

The manufacturers hope DuoTek would be the most affordable reflective and reversible jacket to hit the market. The jacket is currently at the crowdfunding stage. You may check the campaign page on Kickstarter to view the available pledges and rewards. The campaign has been hugely successful; it’s already over 2,000% funded with 21 days remaining.