Bomaker Polaris 4K Ultra Short Throw Laser TV for your home theater

Bomaker Polaris 4K is the laser TV you'll want in your home theater.

Bomaker, which is one of the top projection and audio product manufacturers in the world, announced that they will soon bring their Polaris 4K Ultra Short Throw Laser TV to Kickstarter. The idea to have an ultra-short throw laser projector is very interesting and innovative, plus it eliminates many of the challenges that regular products in this field would have.

Why is the Polaris 4K Ultra Short Throw Laser TV an important release?

What makes this product amazing is the fact that it can deliver a full 4K native resolution. On top of that, it also has the Tri-Color laser technology designed to offer you a very good image and a great sense of immersion. They also focused on ultra-low noise, to ensure that the unit operates seamlessly without disturbing the user. The laser TV has a 2000:1 contrast and 2500 ANSI lumens, not to mention a 193% NTSC color gamut. All of these features combined bring every scene to life, and you receive very deep black levels, ultra realistic colors and access to the finest details in every video or picture.

An interesting thing is that the unit can be put in the front of a room and it can still easily project up to 200” at a very short distance, up to 28 inches from the display surface. This innovative approach is amazing because you can easily create the image you want with the projector even if you have a very small space indoors. In addition, you don’t need to worry about difficult wiring systems or anything like that.

The Polaris 4K Ultra Short Throw Laser TV also has complete HDR 10 support and you have 107% BT.2020 wide color gamut here as well. You can even access a wider color range if you mix blue, green and light proportions. All of this leads to very distinct, vibrant and visually impressive colors. There’s also no color loss, which is great if you compare it with Dual Laser or DLP projectors.

Incredible resolution and crisp picture quality

The Polaris 4K Ultra Short Throw Laser TV has a 3840×2160 resolution and it covers 8.3 million pixels. It has a very high-end Ricoh lens too. As a result, you will have very realistic colors and more detail. The unit can easily sense the object distance, and it will lower the luminescence up to 1 meter in order to bring you a better and more comprehensive result.

With this product, you also have an innovative MEMC motion compensation technology. What this does is it helps create more frames for your videos and movies in an artificial manner. Even if the movie is shot and provided at 30 FPS, the projector will help you view it at 60 FPS or even 120 FPS. With help from this feature, you’re getting a very impressive, smooth, seamless experience when you watch any type of content you want.

Taking care of your eye health

The projector also has an innovative technology that will help you protect your eyes naturally. The light doesn’t reflect directly to your eyes, and the best part is that the product can sense how far you are from the object. You won’t experience eye strains anymore, and the projector will also notify you to stay away and maintain a healthy viewing distance. This might seem like a very simple idea and feature, but it makes a huge difference and it eliminates lots of different challenges that can appear.

Outstanding audio features

Aside from the great image quality, the Polaris 4K Ultra Short Throw Laser TV also has a very good audio system. It uses Dolby DTS and Hi-Fi quality speakers that help bring in a great sense of immersion naturally and with outstanding results. You get a fully 3D, immersive audio system that really helps you become a part of the action. Thanks to this approach, the product delivers unparalleled audio performance suitable even for audiophiles!

Get your own Polaris 4K Ultra Short Throw Laser TV today

Should you be interested, the Polaris 4K Laser TV will launch soon on Kickstarter at only $2,299. You can sign up now to enjoy the super early bird discount at $1,999 (31% off the $2,899 MSRP) for first 50 backers only. For more information, feel free visit the Bomaker website.