Löv Air Purifier, a new way to style your space

No matter how your space looks, Löv will fit in like a chameleon.

Vacuuming, minimizing the use of candles and open fires and not smoking indoors may reduce air pollution. However, it would be best if you did more to improve indoor air quality and keep your environment clean. Dust and other tiny particles seem to know their way into our homes and offices. What if you can get an air purifier that sanitizes the air you breathe? Something powerful, yet sleek and compact? Enter Löv Air Purifier.

If you are wondering what the buzz is about and why everyone is looking in the direction of this air purifier. Well, great inventions always find their way to the top – and that’s is the story of Löv! If you are still at sea about why you should opt for this air purifier and not any other one in stores, you are in for a big reveal.

Superb Design!

Often, the thought of air purifiers paints a picture of some box-shaped, bulky and noisy equipment that robs us of sleep at night and quiet in the day time – but that is about to change.

Löv is a state-of-the-art air purifier that was birthed from extensive research and ingenious design.

You can go to sleep with both eyes closed and rest assured that bad odors, dust and other air pollutants won’t get to you – and this is good news to asthma patients and people with allergies.

Löv is Slim and Lightweight!

It features a lightweight, sleek and compact design for both improved performance and interior aesthetics.

It comes in fascinating Scandinavian designs, and you get to choose which one suits you and blends perfectly with your space. You can opt for either the wall-mounted or standing design for a unique and stylish look.

It’s Safe for All Spaces!

The need to have a mobile and effective air purifier cannot be overemphasized, especially at a time when the world is battling the COVID-19 pandemic. While scientists continue to work on potential vaccines and cure for the virus, you can join the fight against the virus by keeping the air around you clean and sanitized.

Incredible Triple Filter System

One of the highlights of this super air purifier is its applauded triple filter system. Löv has set the standard for competitors with its remarkable Triple Filter System. Löv air purifier is fitted with a Pre-filter, HEPA, and Carbon filter for your safety. If you are not familiar with all these technical terms, here is a little explanation.

  • The Pre-Filter helps to remove large particulate from the air. This is similar to what you have in transport vehicles and workplace ventilation systems to help filter dust, hair, insects, pollen and even fibers.
  • HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filters smaller air pollutants and particles through unique three-stage trapping mechanism — interception, impacting and diffusion.

Just so, nothing is left to chance, Löv has an extra third layer; the Carbon Filter. Its signature Carbon Filter is efficient in absorbing impurities from a liquid. This way, humidity doesn’t hinder Löv’s performance.

Low Maintenance Cost

Löv saves your lots of money on maintenance and replacement of filters. With 35 dollars, you can get all three filters replaced, and you only need to do this once a year.

Easy to Access

Regardless of whether you are buying the full unit or replacement filters, you can easily make your purchase on popular e-commerce websites like Amazon. Everything is at the tip of your finger!

Versatility and Wide Coverage

Save yourself the stress and cost of having to buy different air purifiers for different sizes of rooms or your space. Löv is adaptable and easy to position. Only your imagination limits you.

You can hang it vertically or horizontally on narrow walls and at a safe height; away from the children’s reach.

A fancy digital display keeps you updated on the dust concentration – with four different color levels to tell you how well your air purifier is working.

Talking about coverage, Löv can cover rooms of any size. It can serve rooms of up to 20m² which is equivalent to 24yd² – that’s more like a room the size of 4 king-size beds.
You also have a remote control for your convenience. So, you don’t have to pace around to adjust the speed.

Löv is Economical and Affordable!

You would agree that this is a product of creative and innovative thinking. How would you love to support the amazing team (KOMMA) of inventors behind this charming invention?

You can help make this dream a reality and be among the pioneers of this revolutionary air purifier.

Visit the Löv Air Purifier website to learn more about rewards, safety features, filter ad on and if you like, the process and specifications/size of this marvel. You can also take a look at the great job KOMMA has done and pledge your support – and order. If there is any other thing you would like to know, don’t hesitate to contact the team.