Molift Raiser Pro: Ergonomic platform for sit-to-stand transfer

With the Molift Raiser Pro users can use their own muscle power during a sit-to-stand transfer.

The Molift Raiser Pro provides an ergonomic and safe solution for sit-to-stand transfers in healthcare environments. Unlike most other equipment designed for the same purpose, the Molift Raiser Pro places huge importance on patient activity during the transfer process. At the same time, it is designed to ensure the safety of the caregiver, creating a transfer process that’s ideal for all the parties involved.

Design and Features

The Molift Raiser Pro is packed with features that are easily accessible to patients and caregivers. It comes with lightweight handles that attach to the base plate, offering support for users during sit-to-stand transfers. The assembly process is smooth and easy; there are no tools required. The caregiver simply attaches the screw on both sides and the equipment is ready to use.

The base plate has a very low entry height and an angled edge for easy access. Furthermore, the entire base plate comes with an anti-slip surface, all to ensure the safety of the user. There is also an adjustable knee pad that supports the user while standing

The device is equipped with a double-acting central brake that is flexible and easy to use. The brake locks the handle firmly in place via a one-foot touch and provides audio feedback once it’s activated.

Versatile handle

The transfer equipment comes with a versatile handle that is designed to provide optimal grip. There are various grip possibilities for both the user and caregiver, depending on what is convenient for both.

Natural movement patterns

With the Molift Raiser Pro users can use their own muscle power during a sit-to-stand transfer. Using the equipment is completely intuitive, eliminating the need for any special training before use.

The best equipment for confined spaces

Molift Raiser Pro boasts impressive stability and can turn within its own radius, making it quite easy to maneuver. The equipment is suitable for confined spaces such as toilets.

Suitable for all healthcare environments

The Molift Raiser Pro has been designed to suit all healthcare environments. Even when it’s not being used to transfer patients, the device can be used to train patients who need to relearn the act of standing and sitting. According to the manufacturers, the Molift Raiser Pro can help improve balance when sitting and standing up. Thus, users can begin their journey to rehabilitation right from the intensive care unit.

Safe for everyone

The Molift Raiser Pro is packed with features that ensure the safety of users during short transfers such as wheelchairs to bed, bed to shower chair, wheelchair to toilet seat, etc. Importantly, it also pays adequate attention to the safety of the caregiver. Caregivers do not have to lift patients up from their beds and wheelchairs, a process that could lead to exertion and injuries.

A wide range of accessories

The Molift Raiser Pro comes with 4 different accessories that further provide convenience and safety to users and caregivers. The accessories include:

  • Soft handles
  • Safety strap
  • Safety strap with sliding function
  • Raiser belt

Pricing info

The Molift Raiser Pro is available in more than 40 countries across the world. You can visit the official Etac website to locate a distributor near you.