skyBOX: Credit card size Wireless SSD Storage

skyBOX is a credit card size wireless SSD with up to 4TB storage - it helps you organize, share & edit on-the-go.

A couple of decades ago, most people would have laughed at the idea of a “global village”; like we have today – where the Internet and data management (secure data storage and transfer) are the order of the day; from remote villages to mega-cities. Today, you can conveniently complete tasks, make submissions and communicate with people from the comfort of your home. You can conveniently backup, store, edit and transfer whatever you want from your media library without your laptop. How? skyBOX Wireless SSD Storage has made all of that and more possible!

What is skyBOX

Think of a 4 Terabytes wireless SSD storage device that is the size of your credit card. One that helps you organize, share and edit files on-the-go with the option of backing up on its robust cloud storage platform.

skyBOX offers 1-Touch Backup!

While others are struggling with USB cables to transfer pictures, music and video files, skyBOX saves you such stress. It lets you transfer files over its ultra-fast Wi-Fi at a whopping speed of 2200MB/s – phew, that’s super-fast! Remarkably, backups, copy, and transfer/sharing of files happen with just one touch of a button.

skyBOX Is Compatible with Any Device!

In addition to its flash speed and one-touch command, skyBOX is also compatible with virtually every digital gadget – mobile devices (like smartphones, and iPads), cameras and even drones.

You get to share pictures, stream high resolution and 4K videos without a glitch. Its stunning performance and sleek design make skyBOX a great option for professional photographers, videographers, content creators and the general public who only wish to capture, save and share memorable moments with family and loved ones.

skyBOX Is All You Need to Travel Light

Nobody likes to be slowed down by heavy suitcase or backpack and the inconvenience of traveling with your laptop on every trip. If this is your story, it’s time to step up your game and enjoy all that skyBOX has to offer.

skyBOX is Portable – its sleek design and lightweight makes it incredibly easy to carry around. It can be in your pockets, and you won’t know it’s there.

One-Touch Copy – You can quickly copy and share whatever you want from your laptop, smartphone or tablet with one touch of a button.

Wireless Streaming

With skyBOX, you can carry your media gallery wherever you go. You can browse, stream and share media without breaking a sweat.

Wi-Fi 6.0 and Smooth Integration!

If you are thrilled at the speed of today’s Wi-Fi, wait until you try skyBOX. skyBOX wireless connection is 40% faster! Thanks to its Wi-Fi 6 connectivity; it offers more speed compared to the current Wi-Fi 5.

Also, skyBOX allows easy integration and file sharing with a third-party app and guess what, you can create and edit your work from any gadget.

There Is Something for Everyone!

skyBOX wireless SSD storage is economic and takes into consideration different class of users. If the 4 Terabyte variant is too much for you, you can opt for the 2 Terabytes version. There is also the 1 Terabyte and 512 GB versions for average users. This way, you have massive storage space and an opportunity to be flexible and explore your creativity to the fullest as a content creator – you can create content and back up large size files to your Google Drive and Dropbox.

skyBOX in Numbers

With the 4 TB skyBOX, you can reel in up to 2,000,000 pictures of any format including JPEG, PNG, RAW and more. It would still have enough space for 1,000,000 songs and 4,000 movies, including document files like PDF, HTML, Word, PPT, and Excel, among others.

You can also upgrade to a Personal cloud – meaning you can leave your skyBOX at home and still access all your media and files from any part of the world. You can upgrade and enjoy skyBOX cloud services for $39.

skyBOX Is Premium!

Everything about skyBOX is superb. All you have to do is insert your SD card and press a button to back up your files. Interestingly you can backup 64GB of data within 3 to 5 minutes at 300MB/s with UHS-II.

Rest assured that its next-generation Wi-Fi 6 technology guarantees fast peer-to-peer transfer needs and your data is safe from unwanted third parties.

You can be a part of skyBOX’s crowdfunding campaign by taking advantage of the super early-bird discounts on Indiegogo.

Your support will go a long way in making HyperAccesory’s dream of creating new and environmentally friendly technological products become a reality. All you’ve got to do is sign up and make your pledge to this project. There are tons of fascinating information and demo videos about skyBOX wireless SSD storage on the website as well.